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See Beauty In Chaos’ Creative Process In The New Documentary, “Unveiled”

Ever wondered what it takes to create an entirely cohesive, conceptual album? Hailing from Los Angeles, songwriter and musician Beauty in Chaos shows us what it takes with the new release of his documentary Unveiled.

Beauty in Chaos is the brainchild of guitarist Michael Ciravolo, a New Orleans native based in Los Angeles. He's the president of Schecter Guitar Research and was also the guitarist of Human Drama for three decades while making some impressive collaborations.

This time around, Beauty in Chaos and his jam-packed, dedicated team is ready to show you the ropes of what it took to make their album, Behind The Veil, in a new up-close and personal documentary, Unveiled. It explores Beauty in Chaos' creative process and the choice to use an all-female vocal lineup.

There are also some features from familiar names like Grammy-nominated producer Michael Rozon, alongside insight and commentary from:

  • Elena Alice Fossi (Kirlian Camera)

  • Whitney Tai

  • Tish Ciravolo

  • Pinky Turzo (Silver Ghost Shimmer)

  • Betsy Martin (Caterwaul, Purr Machine)

  • Cinthya Hussey

This intimate documentary deeply delves into how Beauty In Chaos created such a diverse album while showcasing socially, musically, and spiritually relevant music. It's a refreshing look at the contemporary creative process and might teach you a thing or two about how to build a kickass album from the ground up.

The new documentary from Beauty In Chaos, Unveiled, was produced by Jammer Direct and GABB Design, currently available to stream on Jammer Direct, with digital streaming platforms coming soon.


Welcome to BuzzMusic, Beauty In Chaos. We loved seeing your team break down the entire process of creating your Behind The Veil album in your new documentary, Unveiled. What inspired you to create a documentary around this album?

Michael Ciravolo: it was Ryan Martin, CEO of Jammerzine, that suggested documenting the process as we started the album. We had collectively done a rather hastily put together documentary a few years ago called ‘Behind The Beauty – Remixing The Chaos’. We have learned a bit more since then, and we felt this album, with its diverse group of talented female singers, would be perfect for documenting.

What does the album, Behind The Veil mean to you? Why was it significant or relevant enough that it needed its own documentary?

MICHAEL CIRAVOLO: To me, ‘Behind The Veil’ is our most cohesive album. Six uniquely different singers … each writing about what their beauty and chaos are…. yet, at least to me, beautifully fitting side by side. For those who chose to vest 50 minutes, this documentary film is an in-depth and hopefully inspiring look at what can be created when artists connect for nothing more than the art of making music. I know I can speak for all involved; we are extremely proud of this album.

WHITNEY TAI: Behind the Veil is an album about peeling back the layers, shedding wounds, and sharing moments of enlightenment by working through deeply personal experiences. To show there is more than what meets the eye. Each artist discusses soul-baring stories, whether it be an abusive relationship, a suffering loved one or a near-death experience. It only seemed natural this would lead to producing a film that could capture the sacred process of writing and recording with insanely driven individuals. The film showcases the power of teamwork, how making records builds community and that a documentary opening a window into the world of modern record-making can be beneficial to any budding or seasoned artist.

What was your experience shooting the documentary with your team, Jammer Direct, and GABB Design? How did they make the experience easier and more enjoyable?

MICHAEL CIRAVOLO: When we started working with Whitney on “Orion”, I felt her “Incantation” video was so cinematic and gorgeous that we enlisted her GABB Design team to direct and produce the documentary. GABB directed our first Behind The Veil single, “Orion” with Whitney, then the “Afterlife”’ video featuring my wife, Tish (which is stunning). When I started receiving the footage for the documentary from all six ladies about their songs, I decided I did not want to see any of it prior and turned the editing over to GABB. They have a lot of documentary experience, and if Ryan and I were left to our own devices, we might have made a 3-hour film. GABB made it look and feel like a film that can hold the viewer's attention, and I love the end result.

WHITNEY TAI: “Making this documentary with Michael Ciravolo, Ryan Martin, and our GABB team was a beautiful learning experience. Michael is so detail oriented; his ability to rally teams together and execute elaborate plans is how these albums become immersive experiences. What’s also crucial to mention is that Michael and Ryan are very supportive of females in the music industry, and we need this kind of global allyship in such pressing times for women. I hope this piece of film inspires creatives to document and share their processes and encourages women industry-wide to work with teams that promote and advocate for gender equality.”

What did you want to get across to viewers when watching the Unveiled documentary? What did you want them to learn or take away?

MICHAEL CIRAVOLO: I honestly wanted the viewer to see and feel the heart, soul, and passion that everyone involved put into making this record, especially these six incredible ladies. I urge everyone to read their lyrics, as those are the words and melodies they put over the soundscapes that Michael and I sent them … thus transforming the music into songs. I also ask that everyone dive into their respective bodies of work outside of Beauty In Chaos. You will not be disappointed.

WHITNEY TAI: I wanted viewers and music artists to feel how special the process of making a record is with people who share your vision. Because of Michael’s kindness and collaborative intuition, I have a new-found bond with these five amazing women through each of their music and the mutual respect we all share. We rarely see behind-the-scenes footage in such an organized way that links every contributor together despite it being a global collective effort. It’s a wonderful artistic keepsake that we put so much love and time into. Having this time capsule of our music journey immortalized in a piece of cinema is something the BIC family and its fans will always be able to cherish.

What's next for you?

MICHAEL CIRAVOLO: We just released a new Beauty In Chaos video/single on Halloween. I wanted to get a new song out before the end of the year…. a sort of placeholder as to what comes next for BIC after ‘Behind The Veil’. I took this opportunity to do my first lead vocal on our rendition of Concrete Blonde’s “Bloodletting”. Being born and raised in New Orleans, this song always resonated with me, and I felt it was the perfect All Hallows’ Eve track. We were fortunate to have Mars Williams from The Psychedelic Furs add some amazing saxophone, which gives our version an even more dark-New Orleans-voodoo vibe. Never one to rest, my BIC partner, Michael Rozon, and I have jumped back into the studio to start a new track. I guess my current ‘plan’ is to hopefully release a few individual songs starting in early 2023, with the possibility of them culminating into a physical EP for those beautiful souls that still value the art of music on vinyl and CD. With releasing three studio albums and 3 ‘remix’ albums since 2018, I find the idea of not waiting a year plus to complete a full-length album appealing. There are several singers we have been wanting to work with, along with collaborating again with some BIC alumni! I know the ladies that made this record possible have a lot going on in their world. Whitney is working on her 3rd solo album and is on the ballot for a Grammy nomination this year. The ever-prolific Elena Alice Fossi has released two fantastic albums, a Kirlian Camera and Spectra Paris. Betsy Martin is deep into completing a Purr Machine EP. The amazing Cinthya Hussy is working on her debut solo album, to which I have been privy to hear some songs that I added a bit of guitar too. This will be a great record, mark my words. Ms. Pinky Turzo continues to perform live with El Vez. Finally, my lovely wife, Tish, has joined me, playing bass on stage with Gene Loves Jezebel!


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