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See “Better Days” Ahead, With Cloverchild’s Reflective Findings

Cloverchild is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and producer from Chicago, Illinois. Inspired by his life experiences, Cloverchild radiates a sound and style with nostalgic comfort and invigorating grooves.

Gathering influences from the music of the 70s New Wave disco and R&B, 80s funk and 90s pop and worldbeat, Cloverchild develops his sound and bridges various elements from different genres to continue to grow his dynamic style.

Returning with his latest buoyant single, "Better Days," the vibrant energy of Cloverchild hails through our speakers with conviction. His soothing vocal performance ricochets in our minds as his reverberated and lighthearted croons have us explore this musical masterpiece's depths.

Touching on the nostalgic era of 80s synth-pop, we feast on these elements dynamically as "Better Days" progresses. With huge percussion patterns leaving an impact as they touch down, an influential pull has us magnetically drawn to Cloverchild. There's no better way to take in the thought-evoking motifs Cloverchild professes, 'Something in the water. 'Cause every sip I take is haunted.' Jump-starting our inner findings and minds' deepest thoughts, the vast amount of self-reflection that comes in Cloverchild's expressions allows us to cohesively absorb this record.

You just can't compete with such a profound connection found in music. We're officially tied into Cloverchild as an individual finding his footing in this crazy world. With a song like "Better Days" to get us grooving to the infectious beat and take us fully into the world of Cloverchild, we'll gladly extend our trip around his music catalog.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Cloverchild! Congratulations on the release of "Better Days." Could you please shine a light on the inspiration behind such thought-provoking lyrics?

Thank you for listening! The inspiration comes from my inclination for nostalgia. I always seem to romanticize the past. This song shines a light on the desire that I think we all have to look at the past through rose-colored glasses.

Has "Better Days" given you the closure you were looking for?

I think a big part of my intention for the song is to say that there will always be better days. While I might be longing for days when I was younger, in 10 years, I might be thinking the same thing about today. So, I wouldn't say closure but more acceptance and appreciation for the time we have now.

Do you happen to have a favorite lyric in this song? Why?

“At the maze's end, the same old place again” - With life, sometimes it feels like you are going through a maze of meaning and understanding. For me, I get to a point where I think I am at the “end” and there is always more maze, more to understand and learn about yourself and the world.

What would you want it to be if your audience were to learn something about you that they may not know?

A major passion of mine is listening to, learning, and recreating different music genres. I have been doing production for over 10 years and try to constantly learn and grow musical knowledge. The music I release is often a culmination of the variety of influences I take in. If anyone has recommendations, I am open to listening!

What's next for you?

At the beginning of the year, I decided I would finish a song once a month. So far so good! I intend to continue to push music out on that schedule including a 5 track EP over the summer. I have been working on a live performance for the past year. I hope I can showcase that soon! Overall, I am still experimenting, trying out new things, and having fun with it.

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