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See the Vision in, "Moving Blind"

Based in New York City, talented emerging Hip-hop artist and rapper Lil Stance reigns as a rapper, songwriter, and entertainer. The multi-faceted 27-year-old artist has devoted most of his creative energy to developing his craft as a musical artist.

The path he took to get to where he is today was not always brilliant. Luckily for his skills in rap, dance, and entertainment, he has more than matched his skills in the industry. He draws inspiration from a wide variety of genres and artists, such as Jadakiss, Chris Brown, Usher, Lil Wayne, Fabolous, and Jay-Z.

As his career progresses in a focused manner, he continues to engage in large companies, meet peers, and accumulate profitable information to enhance his career.

Delving into the simmering essence of his most recent single, Lil Stance introduces “Moving Blind,” to his fan base. Exuding distinctive energy that sends a wave of unique flair through your speakers, the tonal distinction that is encompassed by Lil Stance is rather unforgettable. He conveys a sultry performance as the ease dripping from his vocals dip into a laidback realm of soothing vibes.

The doubling effect on his melodic raps allows listeners to truly grasp the bigger picture of “Moving Blind,” as Lil Stance transmits mind-altering verses, and a hook sure to be imprinted into your mind. Combining his skill set with HULKSICKO!, the harmonious timbres that sweep in have us enjoying the artistic contrast that lies before us. These artists bring out the best in one another as they each showcase their virtuoso talents on a newfound level. “Moving Blind,” was intended to set the energy for Lil Stance as he hit the ground running in the industry.

Proving that his vision will be delivered as he continues to rise in a forward fashion, we’ll gladly indulge in the cutting-edge traits that he delivers through his persona and the music he puts forth.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Lil Stance, and congratulations on the release of “Moving Blind.” We love this collaboration between yourself and HULKSICKO, what was it like working with one another in order to achieve the vision of this track?

We were both focused on the same project, putting in a lot of time and energy. Our goal was to get the attention of everyone who listened to this kind of music. We wanted “Moving Blind” to come out of the door rocking hard. Everything from our pace and words to how we used our voice reflected how much we wanted to engage listeners and excite them to hear it.

Where did you draw inspiration for the meaning of “Moving Blind?" In your own words, what does this song mean to you?

I wanted to create a banger for clubs and parties, something that when you instantly hear you start to move your shoulders and feet. This song means a lot to me because I wrote about how I feel, and I express it appropriately to send a meaningful message to the fans.

Do you happen to have a favorite creative environment where you get to let loose and create your best work? Could you tell us more about this setting?

No, I do not have a preferred creative environment, I can work in any environment. As an artist, I think you should always be ready to work in any environment at almost any time.

As an advocate for it being okay, to not be okay, what are some things that you ensure you present in your brand and craft for your audience to know this?

Realize that there is nothing wrong with not being well. No one has all the answers, so set your own perceptions of the world by standards. Focus on your responsibilities and be yourself because you are living for yourself.

What's next for you?

The next step for me is to take all the seats I am entitled to and do what I love such as music, dancing, and other projects that I have in mind.



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