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Selena Victoria Gets Inside Our Mind With Her Fresh New Hit, “Inside Your Mind”

Selena Victoria is a pop singer and songwriter who stems from a working-class family in Hamilton, Ontario. Selena got started at a young age. Her passion for songwriting and singing stemmed from her love for music. Her inspiration came from Selena Quintanilla and blossomed with many other artist influencers up to date.

Selena Victoria has engaging melodies that instantly gets her listener blossoming alongside the wave of the song. An example of this? The release of her record titled “Inside Your Mind”. “Inside Your Mind” had a more upbeat and delightful vibe with an inviting vocal resonance. Selena’s fun charisma showcased in her vocals resonated extremely well with “Inside Your Mind”. “Inside Your Mind” was a nice fun dance tune that had riveting lyrics in which the listener could relate themselves too while remaining outgoing enough for a careless aesthetic. The carefree energy displayed in “Inside Your Mind” was what captivated us the most and had us wanting to listen to this record over and over again! “Inside Your Mind” was more than contagious, it was simply addictive! It’s one of those songs where you can’t help yourself from the second slice of replays!

Check out "Inside Your Mind" here and keep scrolling for our exclusive interview with Selena.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Selena Victoria! In what ways has your inspiration, Selena Quintanilla inspired you?

Selena Quintanilla had a pure heart and was driven by positive intentions to spread love across the music community, which inspired me to do the same along with my passion to wanting to positively change the world one step at a time.

Tell us about the most monumental moment in your career so far?

The most monumental moment in my career so far would be the studio time I spent with my producers & mentors (Andre Kaden Black & Tal Vaisman), writing & recording this past year. The energy in the room is unexplainable & the creativity that flows in writing sessions or studio sessions is beyond contagious! Writing or recording a hit song with a positive message to it has a way of bringing you back to life in times of crisis or despair. Its your art you’re putting out into the world and now, people get to see it, and hopefully admire it and appreciate it as much as you do. I’ve also received incredibly beneficial life advice from my mentors. Both career wise & life in general. The guidance I’ve received from them on how to carry myself in this industry, to learning self love to handling both positive and negative changes from my music, and or my path, has been very beneficial in my life in keeping me grounded and nonetheless, grateful, so far in my career.

We loved your single “Inside Your Mind”. What is this song about?

The song is truly open to interpretation. How the fans can relate to it, and how they perceive it; is what the song is about. For me, while I was writing it, I related back to high school relationships I had been in & I’ve always been the type of person who enjoys seeing life from others perspectives. So I wrote from the perspective of those I had written the song about & what I imagined they were thinking/feeling in that moment.

How would you describe the lyrical arrangement in “Inside Your Mind”?

Every emotion and every thought that is written comes from who I believed the person(s) I was writing about was feeling, in terms of that particular situation, and how he or she would handle it. As I previously said, I love putting myself in other peoples shoes and figuring out what makes them who they are, what makes them tick & how they can handle a situation such as this one in the song.

What’s next for you Selena Victoria?

Whats next is hopefully more exposure and success in my career. But most importantly, the third song off of my EP (which is ironically enough the first song I had written from the 3 songs off my EP - years ago) which is called ‘Solider’. It is to be released in the near future and is the one I am most proud of, and excited for. This song is very near and dear to my heart, and the struggles I had been through that I address in this song, have always been issues I’ve been passionate about for a long time now. It focuses solely on the struggle’s I’ve faced throughout my childhood, my teen years & things I even go through on a daily basis now. For me, its that song where I want my fans to know that they’re not alone. And hopefully, when I have a stronger voice in this industry one day, I want to bring more awareness to these issues, as I feel they aren’t as talked about as much as they should be. This song is about being that voice for someone out there, whose going through the same struggles, to wanna get help. I want to be that voice for them.


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