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Self-Made Artist, Xay Astro Drops Explosive Track “F L Y”

At the young age of 21, Xay Astro has made a name for himself through his ambient and atmospheric tracks. The Enterprise, Alabama native encourages his listeners to get lost in a worlds of spectacular harmonies and hypnotizing melodies. With influences like Kanye West and Kid Cudi, Xay Astro’s sound is finely-calibrated and dreamy. Let your mind go on a trip like no other as Xay takes you on a journey through his music.

Xay Astro’s track “F L Y” is a single off of “Daydreaming EP” and gives you a retrospective look at his outlook on life. Experience two sides to his world of sonic and atmospheric sounds. “F L Y” is a step in the right directions for an artist who strives to create music that take the listener to a new galaxy. Xay Astro’s track “F L Y” demands attention and reminds me of Travis Scott’s otherworldly vibe. “F L Y” is layered with trippy lyrics and sound arrangements that really do let your mind sore ike the title insists. The self-made artist spends countless hours in the studio perfecting his sound and always has the ambition and drive to take it to the next level. He strives to be a young leader and pioneer of a different genre in South Alabama. Artistic and creative beyond his years, Xay Astro’s year 3000 sounds are not from our planet, stay on the lookout for this eccentric, strident, alternative artist.

Check out “F L Y” here and read more below in our exclusive interview with Xay Astro!

Welcome Xay Astro! Can you start by introducing yourself to our readers and fans?

No problem, Yo what’s good people it’s ya boy Xay Astro aka Astro 3000. I’m an upcoming recording artist from Enterprise, Alabama. I’m here to be the best.

What got you started in music? What inspires you?

Well I was in show choir in high school (Shoutout Enterprise Encores 2012-2015) and I learned how to arrange music kind of and started to understand theory and everything, but I think what got me started was just seeing how music makes people feel and how it impacts us on a daily basis so I think from a young age that’s what got me started. Anything inspires me honestly but that’s what I like the most, I don’t have one thing setting the tone for how I set into my creative process it’s just I can be influenced by anything in my life or whatever is around me.

What does your writing and creative process look like, start to finish?

Uh really I just freestyle to be honest, I’ll say like 85% of my music is all just free-styled and I like it that way cause I feel like music should be very “in the moment” and the best way I feel like to capture that is pulling up spitting to the mic with that mentality of my music basically being my daily entries of where I stand or how I am feeling.

As an artist, what’s your favorite part of “F L Y”?

Ummmm I feel like that hook is untouchable, going into this song I had so much crazy shit going on I couldn’t see straight so when this song came to be it was like the best way to express how I was feeling and I also want to shout out my boys Joseph & Exavis for the beat the cook up process to this was so fun man for real. It was so quick how this happened.

Can you tell us more about the meaning behind “F L Y”?

So this song was free-styled and done in one take and after I got done recording Me & Joseph knew it was special off rip, it’s crazy cause we will look back at this song in a year and it will probably have plaques by that point hahaha. This is a vibe ahead of its time.


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