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Senior Gee Raises The Bar In, "Juss Listen"

Multidimensional artist, Senior Gee has what you would call a "familiar yet, different" story to him.

Being raised in one of the roughest areas of Queens, Southside Jamaica. Senior realized he was musically inclined at the young age of 9.

Old School Hip-hop artist Mike D, from the collective, Main Source, has a lot to do with the development of Senior’s talents. Before Senior Gee and Mike D joined forces, the only thing that he knew how to do was rhyme and turn verses into short stories. Learning the fundamentals of being an emcee, Mike D showed Senior the ropes to the music industry.

Conveying a nostalgic ambiance in his latest single, “Juss Listen,” Senior Gee has us bobbing our heads to the wavy flows dispersed in this 90’s fused track. Slick limericks amongst a New York fashioned instrumentation have us touring the streets of the Big Apple in our minds.

Flourishing upon the prompt cadences that pulsate through the speakers, “Juss Listen,” has our heads turning on a swivel as we take in the wistful approach offered up to Senior’s listeners. There’s a certain gravitational pull that you can hear executed as you grasp onto the raw resonance displayed from Senior himself.

Submerging us in the spirit of his beliefs, Senior exudes the confidence he holds in an unmatched work ethic all while remaining authentic to himself and others in his quest for greatness. Holding himself to a high standard, he shares this buoyancy that he proudly wears as he lets us in on his recipe to success if we, “Juss Listen.”

Senior Gee has us all captivated by the realm of his talents as he masters his inner essence. Sharing pieces of himself through the immersive storytelling elements that only real emcees can effectively accomplish, Senior has us all eagerly awaiting what is next to come for this emerging artist.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Senior! Congratulations on the release of your latest single, “Juss Listen.” What is the main theme and message that you want your listeners to take away from a piece of this caliber?

Well, there isn't any theme per se to the record other than the title itself "Juss Listen" to it and in regards to the message of the song as I was humbled by a statement from a previous interview here at BuzzMusic, It's safe to say that my lyrical content can resonate with simply anyone who takes the time to listen thoroughly.

How has your experience been working with Mike D to develop your artistry?

Well, that experience was from childhood. I first started working with my cousin in my early teenage years. In short, he gave me guidance foundation, and structure to be an emcee; versus being a rapper and knowing the difference between the two. I've only continued to implement & expound those lessons from decades ago till this very day.

Could you please share a glimpse of the creative process that you went through when bringing, “Juss Listen,” to life?

To be completely honest this record is old enough to vote lol. Seriously, this is my second time recording the record but, it's 1st release. The original had profanity I wasn't as mentally developed then, I was young and so was New Age Hip-Hop all I knew that the music I made was clearly different then what was being classified as Hip-Hop. In regards to the glimpse, well I just recorded the vocals and adlibs on just 3 separate tracks straight through, kinda like how they recorded music back in the days of the best records ever made.

Being well-rounded in the music industry, how have you found your multi-talented skills as an artist, producer, and engineer to benefit your craft?

That's a dope question umm, it's a gift and a curse. At times it's super hard to be unbias to yourself but, I've been forced to do so I'm truly grateful for my teammates I've acquired throughout the years involved with New Age Hip-Hop. Ultimately, I don't have any excuses other than astronomical finances to accomplish my goals musically all in one setting.

2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone. What has been keeping you inspired to create music?

Well, without giving you a long dissertation about it. I'll simply refer to a point in the movie Sister Act II when Whoopi Goldberg's character made reference to what's one of the first things that you think of doing in the morning when you get up, what makes you happy or whole kinda sorta that was many moons ago. Basically, when I realize that I've been blessed to see another day I give thanks and find a way to progress somehow creatively that not only benefits me but, others as well.

What advice can you give another artist who's finding it difficult to do so?

In short, no matter what it is we as creators feel or think we're going through just always understand two things 1) Always know that there's someone doing worse than you are in that very moment (but, don't use that as an excuse to start a pity party) and 2) like Sunny said to C in "A Bronx Tale" other than a Snitch the worse thing you could ever be is "Wasted Talent". Push through the hurdles and don't let what has been gifted to you be in vain, we all have a purpose, embrace it and everything will be fine.



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