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Senior Gee Speaks a Whole New Level of Truth With, “Same Way (Voicemail 2 Momz) feat. Adele’s Voice"

Queens NY, New Age Hip-Hop artist Senior Gee is back on BuzzMusic with his recent deep-running single “Same Way (Voicemail 2 Momz) feat. Adele’s Voice”. While always striving to grow and expand his sound to maximize relevancy amongst a variety of audiences, it’s safe to say that his lyrical content can resonate with simply anyone who takes the time to listen thoroughly.

His recent single “Same Way (Voicemail 2 Momz) feat. Adele’s Voice”, Senior Gee creates a deeply complex song/message to his mother, touching on different topics that pull emotional strings. While upping Adele’s vocals a few octaves, Senior Gee raps his textured bars overtop a flawless piano beat and Adele’s beautiful melancholy sound.

Opening with Adele’s filtered vocals layered overtop lush piano melodies, “Same Way (Voicemail 2 Momz) feat. Adele’s Voice” begins with a harmonically-rich introduction. Senior Gee’s mother’s voicemail is softly incorporated, while he cleverly raps his message at the beep when the beat drops. This was indeed the point of no return, as Senior Gee went in with his entire soul to provide a heartfelt message to not only his mother but to everyone.

While giving thanks to his mother for everything he’s learned, he also touches on how famous modern rappers mislead the youth into thinking that pharmaceuticals and dishonesty is the new truth. He delivers similar to Joey Bada$$, incorporating nothing but reality and fighting for what he believes in. Modern age hip-hop has never been so textured, especially with Senior Gee’s “Same Way (Voicemail 2 Momz) feat. Adele’s Voice”.

We decided to go one step further and shine a light on his previous single “Oooohhh,” which we’ve recently featured. As we compare these two songs, we can tell that “Oooohhh” incorporates more of a new age hip-hop sound through whole sounding drum patterns and melodic electric guitar. He puts modern rappers on blast and fully realizes that a catchy beat with nonsensical lyrics is what makes the charts nowadays.

Have we mentioned that Senior Gee doesn’t curse within these two songs? He lets his messages stand loud and clear. What strikes our attention before listening was the brilliant artwork seemingly missing the parental advisory sticker, almost telling a story of its own. He brings back the era of powerful artwork in hopes of other artists taking part. We hope that you take something away from Senior Gee’s music, as he’s an artist to stick around for a while.

You can listen to “Same Way (Voicemail 2 Momz) feat. Adele’s Voice” here.

Check out our artist spotlight with Senior Gee on his release “Same Way (Voicemail 2 Momz) feat. Adele’s Voice” here.



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