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Sensitive Robot Released Their Single, “In Your Arms”

Sensitive Robot is a singles-driven songwriting, music, and video production duo hailing from Los Angeles. The production team, consisting of Johnson and Evan Marquardt, collaborate with artists, vocalists, and songwriters they admire to produce commercially viable tunes.

“In Your Arms” is the latest single from Sensitive Robot, and features singer-songwriter, Alexx Calise. It's a romantic French-style ballad and the delivery was perfect. We loved this poignant arrangement alongside the emotionally-rich vocals. The vocalist has such a texturized voice that sends chills through your body. Everything was structured so properly and well-tooled, the listener was able to delicately follow along with the tune and the direction of the lyrics. The mythical appeal to the music is credited to the mysterious energy the vocalist gives off. With an exceptional production, Sensitive Robot does more than just over-achieve our expectations, they recreate it! The musicality presented in this song was unbelievably incredible and this a romantically driven record we’d love to hear over and over again!

Listen to "In Your Arms" here and get to know more about Sensitive Robot below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Sensitive Robot! How has the journey been so far for you?

The journey is always an interesting one. It's great and full of surprises! Creatively, music that gives us literal goosebumps is our ultimate goal. Sometimes that takes us to far-out places, and other times it's more mainstream. But we love to keep it varied - both stylistically and sonically.

What were some obstacles you had to overcome in the making of this record?

We’ve been working with Alexx Calise for a couple of years, and a few months back we were a bit stuck, lacking a focus and direction for the type of songs we wanted to write and record moving forward. Alexx came up with the idea to write “old school, romantic, melodic French-style” songs and we ran with that idea. Now, we’ve written and recorded a bunch of great tunes in this style that we’ll be releasing soon!

In what ways does “In Your Arms” reflect the artistry of “Sensitive Robot”?

Sensitive Robot does a lot of genre-jumping, but the one thing that’s fairly consistent with our music is a bit of harmonic sophistication with accessible melodies. This French-style stuff we’re writing is partially a throwback (with a twist) to jazz standards and classic Broadway tunes.

What’s your personal favorite moment in “In Your Arms” and why?

Maybe the bridge section where the music gets sparse with just the piano arpeggios and vocal harmonies. I think that’s a nice little musical moment.

Thank you for sharing! What’s next for you?

We’re currently writing and recording with a few new artists and we’re also working on two podcast musicals that we’re really excited about!


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