Sensual Single "Misunderstood" By Joseph Eid Will Leave You Craving More

Since the release of his Human LP, Folk-Pop artist Joseph Eid has been garnering considerable buzz. He has been featured in American Songwriter Magazine's “Best New Music” column and was recently named as one of the 100 Hottest Live Unsigned Artists by Music Connection Magazine. His song “It's Only Love” will be in a new Independent film starring Sharon Stone called “All I Wish.” His latest EP, Watch It Fall, was released in Spring 2017. No Depression music journal called it “mesmerizing, mind blowing and empowering.”

Joseph has been writing poetry and dreaming of a career in the arts as long as he can remember. He grew up in the suburbs of New York. Raised in a strict and traditional home, the arts were only supported as a hobby and never as a career. During his college years, Eid studied psychology and pre-med. After his first semester at med school, his dream got too big to hold and Eid made the bold choice of dropping out to move to New York City to pursue music.

His single “Misunderstood” begins with Joseph Eid serenading us with his mellifluous vocals. What I’ve interpreted from this single is that Joseph discusses the misunderstood perception he receives from others however he refuses to be transparent and showcase anything less than authenticity. He sings about how his intentions are usually good however the delivery may not come across as he may like it to come across. Yet, he refuses to tell a lie because as he said, he promised to stay true to who he is! I really enjoyed listening to this song thoroughly and caught myself singing along with Joseph which showed me he knows how to garner a connection between himself, his music, and his audience.

Listen to "Misunderstood" here and check out our interview with Joseph Eid below!

Mind telling us a little bit about your upbringing Joseph?

 I was raised in a traditional home. My parents moved us to New York in the mid 1980s and that’s where I mostly grew up; went to elementary and high school in the suburbs of New York City.  I was fascinated with mtv and obsessed with radio. My dad was pretty clear that I was to go to college and that music was to be just a hobby. I sang in high school and was even scouted to be in a boyband. After I studied psychology in college and graduated with a bachelor of science degree, I went to medical school. I think I liked the idea of being a healer and also making my parents happy. I really didn’t think i could be an artist - i didn’t have the courage to go for it...until, After 6 months - I dropped out of medical school and decided to commit my life to my original dream of becoming a musical artist. So,eyeing in me just woke up and could not go back to sleep. I Moved back to New York, found a small studio apartment to share with a roommate in the east village and that was the beginning. 

When was the first moment you realized music was the route you wanted to take?

I always wanted it, even as a child I wrote poetry and dreamed about it. But it wasn’t til the beginning of that second semester in med school that I knew I had no choice but to do it. That I would live a life of regret if I didn’t follow my heart, that song in my head. 

Where do you draw inspiration from for your songwriting?

Life experience mostly. My own and observing people and the world around me. I like to connect patterns of the human experience. I think that’s the psychologist in me. I observe myself and others and find themes, connections, stories and ideas that tie us together. There is so much to write about. If you watch and you listen, the stories are endless. 

Do you have any musical influences? If so who and why?

When i was in high school, I was introduced to the folk duo band Indigo Girls. Their writing deeply influenced me. Their songs were teachings, wisdom, and moved me beyond any songs I had heard on the radio. They had tapped into something profound. I knew I wanted to write songs that made people feel that way.  Musically I have been influenced by an equal mix of pop and folk artists like Jackson Browne, bob Dylan, Suzanne Vega, billy Joel, and many more. 

What was the most challenging aspect in creating “Misunderstood”?

Keeping it simple. The subject matter is hot and I wanted to make sure it didn’t sound preachy or angry. I wanted it to be impactful yet simple an even humorous.  Passionate and light hearted at the same time. So I let go and let the song wrote me. 

As 2018 comes to a close, where do you hope to find yourself and your career in 2019?

I plan on releasing a few couple more singles next year and I also have a great cover in mind of a song i love that I would like to record.  I would like to see myself playing bigger venues across the country with bigger names.  I’d also like to have more of my songs get placements in tv shows, films, etc... how great would be to have one of my tunes be the theme song to a hot new show!  My constant goal, year after year, is to keep writing songs and growing as an artist. If I am doing that, I’m in a good place. 

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