Seth Powers Melts our Hearts With Latest Single "I Do"

Seth Power hones in on his artistic mastery as he showcases his latest single, "I Do," a tender-hearted love song that melts our insides with a warming embrace.

Seth Powers is a contemporary artist with a soulful spark that posts up in a bracket familiarized by an amalgamation of John Mayer and Ed Sheeren reflecting vibes. Here, the Jackson, Mississipi native settles on a tastefully spacious mix with warm acoustic guitars, a crisp drum character, and a softly saturated bass, devising an opening for admiration over the silky smooth croons of Seth's healthy tenor. 

"I Do," feels like a swaying embrace into the modern musical enterprises of Seth Power; anchored with deep roots in soul and by a timeless intimately dazzling vocal display. Tastefully imagined melodies, a luscious saturation (as if recorded off a tape machine), and a joyous display of articulation are featured here, as Seth tantalizes modish vocal tones with violin accompaniment—instilling them with a dreamy afterglow.

The mix elevates this track's delicacy even further, making great work of the dynamics as the energy seems to mature and simmer in the right moments. As we near the end of the intrinsically sung masterful performance on "I Do," Seth chants with a vocal hymn that stews into an increasing crawl before the music fades completely. It's an evocative ballad that provokes a powerful mirror into his passion when his partner inevitably says the anticipating words, "I Do."

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