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Seven Layer Piano Cakes Pays Tribute To His Son In A Recent Single, "Remy"

Los Angeles-based versatile musician and singer-songwriter Seven Layer Piano Cakes releases a reflective and dynamic new tune in honor of his son, "Remy."

Seven Layer Piano Cakes is the musical project and alter ego of attorney and law professor Justin Hoyt. A dedicated artist if there ever was one, Seven Layer Piano Cakes ensures that his music will create a "bouillabaisse of sounds" reminiscent of acts like the Strokes, Beach House, and Sufjan Stevens.

The trained pianist and vocalist will always create a song with seventh chords, myriad musical layers, and complex vocal harmonies (the "cakes")," which explains his detailed name. Now, the Los Angeles-based artist is releasing his conceptual single "Remy" about his son. The song defies the law of genres and allows Seven Layer Piano Cakes to open his heart and mind in the most cathartic way possible.

Diving into the new release, "Remy," the song begins with a warm keyboard melody, a sharp snare, and Seven Layer Piano Cakes' tender vocal harmonies. As he begins to vocalize the questions he has for his young son, he travels down memory lane and reminds Remy that with every day, he is immensely proud to see the person he's becoming.

Based on the heartfelt lyrical concept, you might think that "Remy" is a slow and heartfelt familial ballad, but only the latter rings true as Seven Layer Piano Cakes blazes our speakers with a fiery electric guitar and thumping drum breaks. This song is incredibly dynamic in sound, and we're truly impressed with Seven Layer Piano Cakes' ability to take such a heartfelt message and throw it into an exciting composition.

Experience the dynamic range of Seven Layer Piano Cakes' artistry through his latest single, "Remy," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We appreciate the genuine lyrical theme you've presented in your latest single, "Remy." What inspired you to create a song about your young son?

Thanks! I have been waiting until my son was old enough to appreciate some of the lyrical content in my songs and dedicate one to him. He had been complaining about not having a song, knowing that his older sister already got one. I was guided by my ever-present observations regarding the lyrics themselves that time is flying and he is growing up so fast. I wanted to be present for him in making a song but also look ahead to the future with a smile and some optimism.

You've mentioned that you worked alongside artist and producer Ian Stahl when creating "Remy." What was that collaborative experience like?

Ian has been my recording engineer, mixer, co-producer, co-songwriter and overall collaborator for almost 1.5 years now. It was a great fit from the beginning, but the more we work together, the better it gets. We are reaching that point where we don't even have to speak that much anymore, we just know when something is working and when it doesn't. He's really fun to collaborate with because I'll give him the bulk of a song, and he will come up with like 10 ideas for specific sounds and parts. Of course, most of the ideas don't make it in, but the ones that do are brilliant suggestions. He is a great person to work with in the studio.

Seeing that your lyrics in "Remy" are rather emotional and sentimental, was it a challenging songwriting process? Or was it more therapeutic?

It was actually really easy for me to write, produce, and record this song. I just got in the right head space, thought about how much I love my son, and the essence of the song all flowed out pretty quickly.

Could you tell us more about balancing life as an attorney and law professor by day and musician by night? How do you make it work?

It is challenging but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love having a separation from music during the day. I am also lucky to have a day job that can be quite flexible, so when I'm locked in in the writing or recording process, I can step away from that job for a decent amount of time. Music makes me appreciate my day job, and the day job makes me appreciate music. It's a pretty harmonious balancing act.

What's next for you?

I have a duet called "Endgame" that I recently recorded with the new artist VRL coming out in April. We are going all out on it and have very high hopes and some specific goals/expectations in mind. It's in the mold of Beach House, Daft Punk, Depeche Mode, and Muse if you can imagine a song that has elements of each. Also, I am getting a live band together now that the pandemic seems to be easing up, and getting ready to play all over Southern California. Lots in store for 2022. It can't be any worse than 2020 or 2021, right?


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