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SF$Profit Is A Lyrical Genius In His New Track “W.O.D. (Prelude To Leo Season)”

SF$Profit is from the DMV (District, Maryland, Virginia) area who finds passion in rap and poetry which he started writing at age 14 and initially began writing music at the age of 6. Learning the cello in grade 3 was the first proper introduction SF$Profit had and was able to learn how to use recording software as a college student which enabled him to record, mix and master his own tracks. “I like to think my music is almost like spoken word, lyrical, subliminal and blunt at times” states SF$Profit who was greatly inspired by his brother, Flickash, who began his musical journey at the age of 17 and was a member of the group “Sane Fe” which is what the SF in his artist name resembles.

“W.O.D. (Prelude To Leo Season)” is packed full with lyrics that are extremely well written to blend easily together and creates the ability to quickly drop the lines with ease. With a mixture of what I call “street sounds” like creepy laughing, beeping and grinding sounds give “W.O.D. (Prelude To Leo Season)” a personality that many other rap tracks are lacking – the beauty of using natural sounds to create a connection with your audience. The beats are easy to bob your head along to and with a closer listen to the lyrics that are carefully written, they also seem to be very easily relatable and I find that many rap fans enjoy being able to listen to tracks that they can draw personal meaning from like SF$Profit has done in this spot on track. “W.O.D. (Prelude To Leo Season)” was able to draw me in for multiple listens to fully take in the tone of vocals used in the track, as well as the large amount of organic sounds that were used to create this unique song. I thoroughly suggest you add “W.O.D. (Prelude To Leo Season)” to your playlist as you will find yourself wanting so much more.

Listen to W.O.D. (Prelude To Leo Season) here and get to know more about SF$Profit in our interview below!

Hey SFProfit! Wonderful to chat with you! Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

I was born and raised in the DMV (DC, Maryland. Virginia area), I’m Flick Ash lil bro, I went from doing as libs to making my own music. I also do spoken word.

Tell us about your creative process when writing and making new beats

When I’m on SoundCloud and I hear a beat that I like, I might replay it a couple of times before I start writing to it, there’s a couple of beats that I maybe  haven’t listened to in a while that I might decide to record to. When it comes to making beats I’m currently learning myself how to make my own, so each project is a learning experience for me.

How did you first find that true passion for making music?

The first time I found out I had a true passion for making music was when I first was consistent with my process and I started sharing that experience with like minded friends, almost like a workshop of generating ideas that gave me motivation to continue improving and getting better. This internal competition with myself built a passion and a new appreciation for music making.

What is the meaning behind “W.O.D.”?

W.O.D.-world on drugs, everyday around my neighborhood you see someone doped up on drugs, what’s happening on my block is happening everywhere else as well with drugs of different forms, if all we see is ppl high out of their minds that becomes how you perceive the world, a world on drugs.

What can we expect to see from you in 2019?

Leo Season my first EP coming out in July, and maybe some experimental stuff in December.


Connect with SF$Profit on social media:


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