SHōTA LōDI Releases New Single "18"

SHōTA LōDI is a name you might want to get familiar with now before the world starts speaking on this artist on the rise! Making waves both here and internationally in Japan, Shoti is currently skyrocketing himself into the big leagues and international stardom! SHōTA LōDI released 18 a song from my listening perspective, touches base on living off a natural high from life. Enjoying the moment, not stressing on his worries, or even thinking about his repercussions. “I aint been this high since I was 18, can’t focus on a time that i’ve been wasting, I’m ready to die on what I’ve been chasing..” Shota Sings.

It’s clear this song is promoting the beauty of having a good time which is what we need. Too many of us including myself are stressed over minor inconveniences that occurs in our lives. Sometimes, it’s okay to let loose and socially absorb your surroundings and the individuals. The most invigorating element about this tune would have to be how multi-faceted the lyrical interpretation can be. This song is digestible for any event or life circumstance that may improve your mood like falling in love, achieving a goal, or even small commodities in life including moving to a better location, or receiving a job promotion. This song is fitting for various different moods which is just one of the many reasons you would want to include this on your playlists! Despite of course, the crispy R&B sound this song has.

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