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Shah Cypha Released The Record “Flyer Than The Rest”

Shah Cypha is a brooklyn native who began listening to music at a very young age. Using his mother turntables, his oldest brother would DJ around the house, playing the newest music, while making the oldies sound new. This was his way of developing his own signature sound.

Shah Cypha released the record titled, “Flyer Than The Rest” and the energy was on POINT. It was a hype song that gets you completely in the mood to party. What I liked about this record was the classic “Crunk” rap that was presented in the sound and delivery of Shah Cypha. Not many rappers have that classic sound that can blend effortlessly in with the current everchanging sound of hip-hop. The lyrics gets you headbanging and rapping alongside. Who doesn’t like a good song that talks crap and makes you feel more confident? “Flyer Than The Rest” has a way of putting you on a pedestal and elevating your confidence. Shah Cypha had no problem with projecting that sound across the record. This song was absolutely hip, and is perfect for your energetic lovers who need an exhilarating hit to get them through the long days.

Listen to “Flyer Than The Rest” here and get to know more about Shah Cypha below!

Who are some of your influences and in what ways did they influence you?

Being from Brooklyn NY, my main influcences were Jay-Z, Biggie, Fabolous to name a few. They followed their dreams and never gave up. Thats the thought process I live by and will keep pushing. Understand the music business, while growing your own businesses/ventures are key for me.

Do you think growing up in a musically inclined household served beneficial for your motivation to do music?

Yes It allowed me to get into music without being told not to. It allowed the people within my house hold to understand that music is something I want to do without telling me I shouldn't.

Tell us about the record “Flyer Than The Rest” and the meaning behind it?

I linked up with Atlanta Super Producer Shawty Fresh, where I wanted a beat that sounded like it was from the south and I can add my New York style to it. Flyer than the rest is a song where we talk about being from the trap but still look and Grynd Flyer than the rest. At the same time a drop a few jewels for the young artist to grab on to. 

What was the emotion you channeled for “Flyer Than The Rest” ?

Real simple, Atlanta Blueprint mixed with a Brooklyn Flow for the Trap. The song had to be catchy and apply to any age group who understands the streets.

What’s next for you, Shah Cypha?

Releasing my project "Kings County" June 21st and Promoting my brand "The Grynd Report". It is a Media and Marketing company that supports independent and unsigned artist as well as the industry professionals who support them. Check us out Look out for Kings County available via all digital outlets. Also check out the latest issue of The Grynd report on our website.


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