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Shaina Rae Takes Us to Pent House Level With New Single “Up”

Shaina Rae brings us a dreamy R&B tune with “Up”. Soft harmonizing notes echo faintly as a heart pounding beat drives the rhythm for this grooving track. Shaina’s voice is soft and fluttery as she lays down who she is and what she desires. Shaina lyric’s demonstrate that she knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to sing it- perhaps that’s what makes “Up” so endearing. With self-assured lyrics, natural vocals, and background instrumentals that you can’t help but to bop your head along to, Shaina is bound to captivate audiences with her latest hit “Up”.

A New York gal, Shaina grew up in Jamaica, Queens. Since starting her musical career she has ignited a spark in the New York music scene with her inviting and mind opening performances. With over a decade of performance experience, including opening for Billboard charting artists,

Shaina is set to beguile audience’s worldwide. “Up” is now available on all streaming platforms.

Listen to "Up" here. Read our exclusive interview with Shaina Rae down below!

Hello Shaina Rae! Congratulations on your latest single “Up”. What does it feel like for your new single to be out and streaming for listeners?

It feels like such a relief to put out a song where I had full creative control so my listeners can have a real sense of who Shaina Rae is through my music. The weeks gearing up to it were definitely nerve wracking, but now that it's out I'm really happy with the amount of attention it's getting. 

Can you tell us a bit of what your creative process looks like?

It's different every time. Sometimes I'll be walking down the street or even at another artist's concert and randomly come up with a melody. Thank God for iPhone voice memos! It's a life saver! Other times when I'm in the studio, I usually come up with melodies and then find words to explain how I'm feeling to fit within those melody lines. When I'm working with a producer, I'll have a list of songs in my head that I ask us both to listen to for inspiration from other artists. Then we work to curate my own sound from those inspirations

Who are your artistic influences?

I'm really inspired by Aaliyah (rest in peace) - not just her sound but her overall character as an entertainer. We both went to schools for performing arts and received classical training. I hope to one day get on the big screen and start acting as well.  I also love Amy Winehouse, Mariah Carey, Jhene Aiko, Erykah Badu, Travis Scott and Kehlani.

Being in the industry for over 10 years what have you learned about this business?

I've been performing for over 10 years but this is my first time tackling a solo career as a recording artist. I've learned that it's important to have a group (a personal advisory board) that you can trust. This business, like many others, come with a lot of people who only have their personal interests at heart. It's so important to have other people or mentors who you can turn to with any question about your next steps. As an artist, you want to just put your art out. But as an artist in the industry, you need a team who believes in your growth. I'm grateful to have a handful of mentors, friends, and friends who act as mentors who are not afraid to keep it real with me when the going gets tough.

5. What are you hoping the future holds for you and your music?

Overall I just want to provide a voice for people to feel understood and relate to. Anxiety and depression are real; music is healing. I hope to continue to make music that is healing for people. The same way I've listened to Travis Scott and Amy Winehouse when I was feeling down and out, is the exact energy I want people to receive with my music when they need some uplifting. A couple of Grammy's would be nice too!


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