Shake Your Jazz Hands with Dr. Daylight’s Jazz Co.'s Latest Album

Based in Lafayette, Lousiana, the jazz ensemble Dr. Daylight's Jazz Co. releases their swinging and soulful 10-track album entitled 'Potluck.'

Encouraging us to pull up a seat and transport ourselves back to New Orleans in the roaring 20s, Dr. Daylight's Jazz Co. is known for taking a new approach to traditional jazz favorites while transforming modern pop songs into jazz standards. Although jazz music is heavily underrated during this day and age, Dr. Daylight's Jazz Co. makes sure to shine a needed light on the genre's many exciting and experimental ways.

Recently releasing their 10-track album 'Potluck,' Dr. Daylight's Jazz Co. features a smorgasbord of jazz as they open the project with the intro track, "Dinah (feat. Linnzi Zaorski)." The song brings the listener straight into the heart of swinging 20s jazz tunes with a brilliant instrumental arrangement and the lively vocal stylings of Linnzi Zaorski. Moving into track number two, "Comes Love (feat. Julie Williams)," Dr. Daylight's Jazz Co. drenches us in more of a moody and burlesque feel with their mysterious instrumental arrangements and Julie Williams' sweet and crooning vocals.

Jumping into a more smooth-sailing and downtempo piece, "Lousiana Fairy Tale (feat. Rob Pate)," we can hear a heavy homage to Louis Armstrong as Rob Pate's raspy and low vocals pour over our speakers alongside Dr. Daylight's Jazz Co.'s dreamy arrangements. Spicing up the energy with "Mess Around (feat. Ray Boudreaux)," this song offers all the life and passion we need from jazz music, especially as Ray Boudreaux's uplifting and soulful vocal portrayal continues serenading us alongside Dr. Daylight's Jazz Co.'s groovy instrumentals.

Plowing our speakers with the next tune, "Exactly Like You (feat. Kelli Jones)," Dr. Daylight's Jazz Co. takes off into a swinging and lively atmosphere that brings us into a front-row seat of Broadway's Chicago while Kelli Jones passionately sings a message of pure and unbridled love. Jumping over the project's halfway point with "King of the Road (feat. Jake Spinella)," this song offers more of a reflective and downtempo tone through Dr. Daylight's Jazz Co.'s soothing and plucky instrumentals while Jake Spinella paints incredibly picturesque scenes for us to savor.