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Shannon Clark & the Sugar Bring a Calm and Relaxed Energy to "Carry Me"

Music group Shannon Clark & the Sugar come to deliver their gentle and delicate sound for all listeners. Hailing from Greenville, Ohio, the soft-spoken band is contributing to the Country/Folk category in such an amicable way. You know those songs you have on your playlist when you're in need of some mental reflection and tranquillity? Well, Shannon Clark & the Sugar are the kind of band meant for experiencing moments like that, and one of their most recent tracks "Carry Me" is pivotal in creating that ordeal for listeners.

Shannon Clark & the Sugar are presenting such a tranquil and smooth vocal styling in "Carry Me". The track features some prominent country sounds, but appear themselves as much softer and creamier. Shannon Clark & the Sugar really strategized well with how they played out the intricacies of "Carry Me". It's the kind of track that doesn't only require your attention, it genuinely grabs it and keeps it for its entirety. The vocal range only grows and develops throughout the song, expressing the most passionate and intense ranges over halfway in the song. "Carry Me" is truthfully a beautiful experience all the way through. If you're the type of listener that cherishes a song focusing on more gentle and restful features, maintaining prominent instrumentals such as the violin, then "Carry Me" is undoubtedly the track for you. Personally, we're all about the songs that can give us mental relaxation, and Shannon Clark & the Sugar always execute this well with their listeners. "Carry Me" is already added to our relaxation playlist, and we suggest it be added to yours too! 

Discover "Carry Me" by Shannon Clark & the Sugar here.

Hey, Shannon Clark & the Sugar! Welcome! Your track "Carry Me" has recently debuted, and it's a song that we can't stop listening to, mostly for its curative effects. How did you go about choosing the exact melody for this track? 

We originally recorded this as an acoustic song several years ago and wanted to revisit the song with a facelift. The song always had a special place in our hearts, it's personal and I wanted a somber soothing effect that gave the song the dignity it deserved, we felt that the cello, would give it the somber mood and the piano together create a nice wall of sound. 

With every artist, there seems to be a common theme presented throughout their music. When we listen to the soundings of Shannon Clark & the Sugar, we know that there are many common attributes integrated all throughout your sound. Are you able to share with our readers some of these elements that are characterizable of your music?  

We have always loved telling story’s that were personal. Good or bad. I’ve always been fascinated with love and romance as well as our common struggle with our everyday lives.

As a band, how do you ensure that the creative aspect unfolds itself smoothly? 

Well, part of our core group (3 of us ). Our family, my wife is the drummer and my daughter also sings with us, so our dynamic is slightly different in that aspect but with the other members, just creating together and making selections of notes and parts that dance together to create a flow.... but with the right amount of tension. We do that by working hard and lots of practice. 

What do you think your genuine intentions are as a country band? Are there specific messages you intend on consistently relaying to your listeners?

It’s a funny thing, “Country Band”, until last year I didn’t even know that’s what we were until that’s the playlists we ended up on lol. I’m from a small rural farming community so to me country is just part of where I’ve always lived and grew up so it comes out naturally in our sound. We are teetering more on the Alt-Country style I’d say. As far as Listeners, as they say, three chords and the truth, I try to connect by writing about things that anyone can connect to. Either way, I write for the love of music and hope that our music finds a home in someone’s heart. 

We appreciate the time, Shannon Clark & the Sugar! Are you planning on performing anywhere in the near future, and/or releasing any more music similar to "Carry Me"?

Yes! We play out regionally now quite often. Nothing for national touring at the moment. We will be releasing several singles in the coming months as well as a live EP.  Our full-length album will be our fall/ winter of 2020. Thank you! 



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