Shantoi Is One to Watch With Her New Single “Stuck up”!

Born I’m Jamaica but raised in The Bronx & Manhattan - today we have “Stuck Up”, the new single from Shantoi! Music has always been with Shantoi and we aren’t surprised as she kills it with “Stuck Up”. Her father was a famous Jamaican artist (Bunny General) and she has been singing since she could speak. Which makes sense, as the expression is very important to Shantoi. The song “Stuck Up” is a true Hip Hop delivery and kicks in with a vocal performance that is a force to be reckoned with right from the beginning. Lyrically, the song speaks to Shantoi being “Stuck Up” in knowing exactly what she wants from a man, which to us, isn’t asking for much and it’s always amazing when people know what they deserve.

Musically, the song has classic Hip Hop elements to it, while also feeling totally new. Production-wise, this track checks off all of the boxes and is where it needs to be in today’s industry standards. The vocal melodies provided by Shantoi in “Stuck Up” are completely infectious and are stuck in your head all day long, so please be careful! The song wraps up and you feel totally reborn and satisfied, closing at 3:34. All and all, we are very pleased with this new track from the very special and talented Shantoi - “Stuck Up” is one for the books and you should absolutely get on this ASAP. You and your friends will be happy that you did, brought to you by Buzz Music!

Listen to "Stuck Up" here.


Hi Shantoi, welcome to BuzzMusic! As someone who was born in Jamaica, how does the music scene there compare to the music scene in NY?

I feel it’s not a huge difference. The only thing I would say with New York compared to there, in my opinion, is I feel New York gives artists like myself a lead way to be able to be an artist without having to be forced into being more of a sex symbol because I’m a female.

Your vocal ability is stunning. When did you decide you wanted to pursue music?                      

I would honestly say when I got to high school

We're big fans of your song "Stuck Up". It suggests there's a story behind this song. What inspired it? Well, I wanted a song that people could relate to and although this song does not pertain to my personal life, the lyrics behind the type of women it represents are how I am. I am stuck up and I D.o.n.t need a man for anything except one who loves me for me.

Tell us a bit about the creation process of "Stuck Up". Did you face any challenges along the way?

Creating stuck I feel the challenge was honestly bringing a different type of swag to the Adlibs and background vocals. That was a little different for me which is why I recorded the song twice before giving it a final yes to put it out.

What's next for Shantoi as we enter a new year?

I’m hoping to create a music video for the song “Stuck Up.” I’m also hoping to create one more single that gives you club banger vibes, as well as finish this E.P by springtime because it’s long overdue.