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Shape Your Own Reality With, "Nights in Brooklyn," By Kelly Vargas

Hispanic-American singer and songwriter Kelly Vargas is a multi-instrumentalist artist that indulges herself in creativity as she writes, engineers, arranges, and produces all of her musical content.

Originally from Long Island, New York, she currently resides in Los Angeles, California, where she is making major strides in the music industry as an independent artist.

Navigating the attention of her listeners into the permissive soundscapes that Kelly Vargas undeniably subdues, we’re hooked on her latest single, “Nights in Brooklyn.” Swarming us in an opulent pool robust with the captivating timbres that trickle from her prevalent vocalization, Kelly Vargas has us falling into the manner in which she delicately dances upon the theme of coming to terms with an illusion and obsession you had towards someone and or the idea of someone.

While irresistibly fusing together a tender angle that peeks into her elusive lens, we are taken back by the empowering aspects that trickle from the entirety of, “Nights in Brooklyn.” Kelly Vargas unites unfathomable subject matter that fixates upon the emotive vulnerability that dribbles from her spirited desire. Accompanying the luscious unique tenors, we have an innovative Pop production that has us riding the waves of Kelly Vargas’ grippingly forward reverberations.

As we sit back and take in the intoxicating vibrations fashioned by this dreamscape, the messaging of intricate difficulties that come behind realizing the person you think you want or love might not be the best decision or realistic decision you could make at the moment, infiltrates our speakers as Kelly Vargas speaks her mind in angelic melodies. “Nights in Brooklyn,” captures a glimpse of the power that lies in our own thoughts.

Congratulations on the release of “Nights in Brooklyn.” We love the atmosphere that you bring forth in this striking single! What prompted the intimate themes that you touch on in your songwriting for this specific piece?

Thank you! The message behind this song is about coming to terms with the obsession and delusion you had for someone you thought you loved/wanted. It's an intimate topic that is glossed with unique pop production so people can still vibe to their emotions. I wanted to create a pop song with R&B and Latin influences, especially because that's the kind of music I love to write and grew up on. Being a first-generation Costa Rican-American raised in New York influences me to create a unique blend of two cultures and it's something that appears in this track as well.

You have such a way of transmitting your message to your audience. Was it easy for you to get your ideas on paper when crafting “Nights in Brooklyn”? How long did the creative and recording process take before this track went to release?

When I first created and wrote this song, I had actually mapped most of it already in a production demo in Ableton Live back in November before I took it to a creative collaborator Jason Lee. I wanted to go out of my comfort zone and create more of a commercial pop-influenced track with a specific message I had in mind. Something I take pride in this track is I have production credits in this track.

Being well-rounded in your full creative experience, do you have a favorite part of the creative process that you enjoy more than others, or does it differ?

I love everything about it. Production and songwriting is my favorite process, but this song was created all through virtual sessions with the team behind the song. The collaborators that I worked with for this song were in New York, Taiwan, and Los Angeles (the city I currently reside in). Having a strong team that helps the production of the project and create an overall creative environment is so important and one of my favorite parts in creating as well.

Was there anyone assisting you with the wistful sounds or release plan that is in place for “Nights in Brooklyn”? If so, how did they contribute?

Yes! My amazing and absolutely killing collaborators and a team that I had the honor of working with for this track. Jason Lee took part in collaborating with me in songwriting/production/creative direction, Paul 'PapaBear' Johnson and Denzel Hollis on production, Kerim Wilhelm on mixing & mastering, and finally acoustic guitar performed by Joshua Alleyne. The killer team that helped me bring my vision to life.

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