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Shariffa Nyan Will Inspire You With Her Release “Do It For Love”

Shariffa Nyan is unlike most artists in today’s music industry. She is a fully rounded person who gives back to the community by volunteering and spreading the message of love and togetherness through her music. She takes pride in creating music with a message and spreading the word of God, all while maintaining a catchy and contemporary beat. Shariffa found her passion for music while singing in her local church choir, and is now bridging over to create Neo-Gospel content. Shariffa is gaining traction for her beautiful voice and moving lyrics, and she was even selected to perform the national anthem for the Seattle Mariners! Her following has been growing ever since, and Shariffa has no plans of slowing down.

Shariffa is featured on God’s Glory Music Groups new track, “Do It For Love”. The song starts off with Shariffa getting real and to the point instantly. She sings: “Living in a world so heartless and cold, no love for the youth, no respect for the old, Lord we need a remedy right away”

What I appreciate the most about this verse is that Shariffa bring awareness upon a widespread issue that pertains to everyone around the globe. Despite the fact that different countries and areas are impacted by different types of injustices, the inequality amongst youth and elders are happening and real. Shariffa follows up with an action statement saying that we need a remedy right away, which is a fact that must be acted upon by all. Shariffa sends out many other eye opening and critical messages in “Do It For Love”, all while keeping it captivating and upbeat. This song is truly what this world needs to hear, along with the rest of Shariffa’s beautiful and inspirational music. We can’t wait to hear more from you Shariffa!

Listen to "Do It For Love" here and get to know more about Shariffa below!

Hey Shariffa! Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself and background in music?

Yaaas!  I am a singer/songwriter/recording artist currently based in Austin, TX.  I grew up in Washington State singing in choirs as early as 4 years old.  Gospel music has always been a major driving force in my life and upbringing.  My mother was a musical connoisseur, so she introduced me to all genres of music including classical, reggae, rock, jazz, blues, gospel and everything else in between!  I studied  and played the flute as a young girl, and classical guitar as an adult.  As for my style of music, I call it "Neo-Gospel"; a genre of it own that I am working diligently to establish for myself .  Not your traditional gospel sound, but something new that infuses elements of reggae, hip-hop, R&B, soul and pop with content that feeds the soul. 

What do you hope your listeners to get out of “Do It For Love”?

The song, "Do It For Love" is about being genuine and true to your cause and purpose.  It is a song about reflection and authenticity.  Lyrically, it is a call to action; a cry to listeners to look at the world, then look at themselves.  To evaluate their hearts and motivating factors for pursuing their goals; A call to the masses to make "Love"  their main motivation behind every pursuit.  Melodically, it is a pretty dope combo of chamber & hip-hip with a nice commercial flare to keep your ears intrigued! 

What was your writing process like for the hit “Do It For Love”? What was your inspiration for writing the song?

So, before I write any song, I always go into a space of prayer and meditation, to ensure that what I am going to write is what the people need to hear.  That process alone, put's me in a place of true transparency.  I wrote "Do If For Love" about 18 months ago, after Ireceived the beat from the producer.   As soon as I heard it I knew it was going to be a powerful song!  I wanted to make sure that I addressed the ugly within our society by giving a remedy...Love!  Love for the art is what keeps me creative.  Love for the people is what keeps me motivated.  Love for God is what keeps me humble.  Ask me why I do it...I'll tell you..."I Do It For Love"!

What made you want to go in the direction of creating pop, R&B, and hip hop?

Like I mentioned before, I enjoy all genres of music.  As an artist, I don't like being placed in a box because it stagnates and stifles creativity.  That's why I chose "Neo-Gospel" as my lane.  It infuses all the elements of music that I admire and allows me the freedom to sing about my own spiritual journey!  Some of my strongest musical influences are CeCe Winans, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Mary J. Blidge, The Beatles, Bob Marley, Cyndi Lauper, Chopin, Missy Elliot!  Being an 80's baby, I definitely got the best of it all, so when you listen to my sound, you will definitely catch a vibe!

Do you have any upcoming projects or releases for the rest of 2019?

Yes of course!  The official release of "Do It For Love" is scheduled for July 5, definitely mark your calendars now.  Partnering with God's Glory Music Group and Symphonic Distribution has made me very excited about this single.  There will also be a watch party for the release of the official video for this single hosted on my website,  I will be announcing the big day soon so make sure you stay locked into my social media pages for the 4-1-1!  As for my next EP, I am currently recording and plan to have a brand new project ready for the people by the end of the Summer!  September will be a busy month in that I will be attending two Music Award events!  Followers can catch a Red Carpet Performance on Sept 7th, 2019 during VOGMA (Voices of Gospel Music Awards) by yours truly and a few special guests.  Nominated in 2 categories this year, I am so honored to be in attendance.  The following weekend,  all of my Atlanta family can come celebrate with me at the Prayze Factor Awards Show (September  22nd) where I was nominated in a total of 10 categories!  Definitely more shows, features, interviews and fun on the way, so just make sure you keep me dialed in and turned up!


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