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Sharon Hendrix Yearns For Love In A Sensual New Single, "Hold Me Tight"

Renowned vocalist, songwriter, and versatile recording artist Sharon Hendrix sweetly serenades us in her latest lush and tender single, "Hold Me Tight."

Over the past five decades, Sharon Hendrix's music has spanned from post-Beatles pop to modern contemporary. She's worked closely with the likes of Bob Dylan, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Olivia Newton-John, and even toured with Barry Manilow to sing a duet of his classic 1985 rendition of "Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing."

Now releasing her passionate and sensual single, "Hold Me Tight," Sharon Hendrix also released an accompanying music video to set the scene. Picture this, Sharon Hendrix in a silk slip with a vibrant coverup softly gliding from room to room while singing and desirous message we can all relate with.

Expanding on the single itself, "Hold Me Tight" smoothly opens with a groovy and zen r&b instrumental that brings us back to the late 90s/early 00s. As Sharon Hendrix's airy and passionate vocals flutter their way in, she begins to sweetly expand on the characteristics she adores most about someone special.

Heading over to the hook, Sharon Hendrix belts her heart out and exclaims her desire in the utmost vulnerable and emotional manner. We adore the song's smooth and gentle energy; paired with Sharon Hendrix's breathy and harmonious vocals, the entire experience is nothing but a refreshing journey for the soul. We also admire how Hendrix was able to create such a nostalgic yet modern take on classic heartfelt r&b; it's more than impressive.

Experience tenderness like you never have before with Sharon Hendrix's latest single, "Hold Me Tight," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sharon Hendrix. We can't get enough of the smooth and sultry vibe within your latest single, "Hold Me Tight." What inspired you to create such a passionate and sensual song?

The song was actually written about 11-12 years ago. Dan Voss Jr., who co-writes, produces, and directs all our music and videos, is the love of my life, and during our first years of ‘dating,’ I was living in Vegas, and he was living in California. I was on the road with Tom Jones, touring and performing, so when we were able to see each other, it was pretty magical and thrilling and because it was such an effort to be together, every moment was pretty extraordinary! Danny wrote the words one night, and I came up with the melody..we were floating in love and the song came together pretty easily.

We love the groovy instrumentation in "Hold Me Tight." What vibe or sonic atmosphere did you want the song to give off?

I think we were thinking of a throwback R&B groove. Danny came up with the guitar groove, and Brian Monroney, a brilliant guitarist. (we worked together on the Tom Jones Show), played it flawlessly.

Who did you work with to help bring "Hold Me Tight" to life? What was this process like behind the scenes?

It was a three-person collaboration. Danny, Robert Martin, and me.

Who helped you out on the set of the music video for "Hold Me Tight"? How did your team help make the filming process easier?

Again, a three-person collaboration. Danny, Jacob Hauenstein, who is the cinematographer and editor, and me. Danny directs, and I perform. The three of us have done the last four videos together..we work well and fast together. It’s a pretty straightforward process.


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