Shaylen Gives Us Everything with New Single “Sprite”

From Dallas, Texas - Shaylen has proven so much as an artist and today we are graced with her new single “Sprite”. Where to begin? This song has it all. From catchy melodies to genius lyrics, to unique production to a vocal performance that speaks for itself. Shaylen starts off “Sprite” with cool fingerpicking guitar work and her amazing vocals. After the intro is short-lived, she jumps in with an infectious vocal melody and performance. The chorus is huge, the drop is even bigger. “Love you so much, you really fucking suck” are the main hook lyrics but there is just something about the way it hits. The vocals are somewhat hip hop but pop, at the exact same time. This song really does stand on its own platform built on creativity and artistry.

It’s no wonder why this was released on Republic, it deserves everything it has and more. The song “Sprite” is on the shorter end of only 2:30 (approx) but that’s all you need to be fully hooked on what Shaylen has to offer. She has a solid catalog of music on streaming so it gives listeners the chance to play this song 5 times, then hear more by her. Which, trust me, is what you’ll find yourself doing. Trust us and do the right thing. Dive deep into what Shaylen has going on! You’ll be glad you did, your friends will give you aux chord privileges and you’ll be known for your great taste in music. 

Listen to "Sprite" here.


Thanks for being with us, Shaylen! Welcome to Buzz Music. Your new single “Sprite” is so refreshing. Who was your producer on this and why were they chosen for the job? (Clearly, you did the right thing!). 

Thank you very much. Dwilly is the producer on this one with me. Honestly, it was a random session that my management set up and we just really hit it off. He's a totally oddball like myself and we just caught a vibe and went from there.

Where do you typically draw your influence when writing your melodies?  I walk around humming ideas all day. By the time I hit the studio every day I usually have something that's been floating around in my head. Sometimes I start a melody based on what the producer is cookin' up in the studio.

Being from Dallas, what challenges did you face trying to get your music career off the ground?

I don't think I faced any geographic challenges. There are lots of singers from Texas. The main challenge I faced was when I got signed very early on to Cash Money. That deal was a disaster and slowed me down a lot. It took me a few years to get free and start my solo career.  

You are signed to Republic, amazing! How did this come about?

My team The Heavy Group has a label venture with Republic. Wendy Goldstein met me via a meeting Jeremy Skaller set up, and she felt like I should showcase for the label. I did that...and the deal happened pretty quickly after that. They were also aware of me because Cash Money's deal was always at Republic. So in a way, I'm back where I started but this time with a team that gets me and of a solo artist. 

Lastly, what do you want to leave your fans with? Not just in this interview, but in general. What do you hope they take away from your music and your performances?

It's clear from my music that I am a very flawed person. We all are. I try to come to terms with that in my art and to share it in a way that helps others feel comfortable being the same. I'm in this mess with you, trust me... and it's just so much easier to do it with friends than to do it alone.