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Shedding Light On The Up-and-Coming Talent Brodie Mullin And His New Single, “Tell Me”

Brodie Mullin is only 14-years-old but is somehow already making a name for himself in the creative arts world. This triple threat has managed to seamlessly balance his passions for singing, acting, and dancing, thriving in each category so far.

Brodie Mullin developed a passion for performing on stage from a very young age. Mullin has accumulated many awards through dancing and acting, while also managing to release three original singles, one of which won Song of the Year at the Atlanta Kidz Choice Awardz.

“Tell Me” is the 3rd release from the incredibly talented Brodie Mullin. “Tell Me” infuses pop and rock elements, with a sprinkle of hip-hop throughout the verses. The upbeat track opens up with a driving kick to accompany the smooth and extremely catchy hook, while buttery vocals and infectious production elements draw us into the track.

As the song transitions into the first verse, we are met with a contrast of a more powerful, heavier soundscape to go along with Brodie’s powerful vocals. A grungy, heavier guitar punches through the track, pairing nicely with Brodie’s emotional and raw vocal delivery. A tough and rugged atmosphere is created through the verses, while still managing to maintain an extremely inviting feeling throughout the song with the softer, melodic hook.

Throughout his releases, Brodie has infused his personal experiences into his songwriting. “Tell Me” reflects this pattern as well. In “Tell Me”, we can feel Brodie’s pain and angst, yearning, and longing for this person he speaks to over the course of the song.

The future is definitely bright for Brodie Mullin and we can’t wait to see what he accomplishes next. Go and show “Tell Me” by Brodie Mullin some love and stream it today.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Brodie Mullin, and congratulations on your new single, “Tell Me”. Can you share with us a bit more of the inspiration behind the single?

Thank you so much. Sure. Let me give you some background on my other two songs first. My first song was a lot of fun, it has a catchy rhythm – Boom Boom Bang. It’s inspired by Fortnite. That song isn’t for every audience. My second song, “Warrior” makes a social impact. The song is about being kind to everyone even if we don’t look like them or have the same views and beliefs. I also sing about being an upstander or ally to stop bullying and to let victims know to focus on supporters, follow their dreams, and not let anyone stand in the way of their destiny. I hope the song empowers allies and victims. “Warrior” won Song of the Year at the Atlanta Kidz Choice Awardz. “Warrior” was also nominated for Best Music Video by the Young Artist Academy and the Skyline Performer Awards. I wanted the third song to be different from the first two and the inspiration comes from two places. A little background – I am also an actor. One of my first auditions was for one of Ludacris’ Kid Nation videos. In the first audition, I had to sing and in the second one, I had to dance. The song I choose to sing was “Lose Yourself” by Eminem. For dancing, it was Yeah 3x by Chris Brown. Those two artists will always have a special meaning for me because I choose their songs when I first started. I did get the role. For my third single, I wanted to do something like Rhianna and Eminem did with “Monsters” and “Love the Way You Lie” I wanted to have a backup singer to sing the chorus. The music changes and then I come in rapping. Then, for the theme, I wanted something that everyone could relate to – love and uncertainty in a relationship. I see people at my school who like each other but are too shy to say anything. My songwriter, my music composer, and I worked on the song and I think it accomplished exactly what I was looking for. The song features Ava Levy who is a very talented singer. I hope we will be able to work together again.

For someone who is so young, you have demonstrated tons of talent and drive so far with your music and other creative endeavors! Do you remember what initially inspired your love for music and creating your own songs? Who are some of your main musical influences currently?

My first experience with music was watching “So You Think You Dance.” Fik-Shun was a huge influence. I was dancing all around my living room with him. My parents enrolled me in a hip-hop dance class. Now I dance five hours a week at two different studios. I have my first solo competition next weekend. I’m dancing to Omarion and then the music changes to Justin Timberlake. A couple of years ago, my talent agent wanted me to audition for a singing role. My parents hired a voice coach. After the audition was submitted, we just started writing and composing music together. Now we have three songs out. As I said early, Fik-Shun is a big influence on dance. For singing, there are a lot of artists that have influenced my work. To mention a few – Chris Brown, Jason Derulo, Ed Sheeran, Eminem,, The Score, and Imagine Dragons.

What sort of atmosphere and vibe did you want the instrumentals and production to give off in "Tell Me?" Who helped bring this sound to life and what was that process like?

We wanted something fun and youthful with a lot of energy that you could bob your head to and at the same time tell the story of a teenage crush. It had to be able to switch tempos and energies and also talk about real feelings and real relationships. The two tempos add to the drama.

How does a song like “Tell Me" help us get to know you better? What impact do you hope to make with songs like this and future releases?

I think everyone can relate to being in a relationship and sometimes there is uncertainty. Do you tell someone how you feel? Or just let it go? No one likes rejection. It’s hard to put yourself out there because you don’t know what the other person is feeling. The fact that probably everyone has gone through this or will go through it gives us a connection. I like to sing about topics that make a difference or that people can relate to. When people are singing along they can say, “Yeah, I’ve been” or “I know what that’s like.”

What's next for you?

I’m working on a cover for the first time. My first three singles were originals, but this time I want to try to remix a fun song from the early ’90s. I’m hoping Ava is going to sing with me on this one too. My competitive dance season just started so I’m hoping to do good with that.

Finally, I have been cast in a production that will hopefully film this summer. It’s a comedy and I play it myself.


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