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Shelby Olive Will Make You Feel At Ease With Newest Track “Better Off"

Shelby Olive is the next artist we’re presenting to you BuzzMusic listeners, and we know you’ll have a soft spot for this young artist. Shelby Olive is truly an artist—we see this in her ability to combine so many differing aspects of music together, and making it blend to such harmony. We can’t say many artists can do this, or even do it successfully, as it can be quite difficult to truly blend total opposite genres together, but Shelby did it, and she succeeded at it. We love the diversity in her music! Her music makes us feel tranquil—at peace even. She exhibits the best elements of singer/songwriter, no doubt. Creating music from such a young age, Shelby impresses us with her expertise and overall production in her music, especially in her new EP “Bad For Me”.

Shelby's vocalism is incredibly pure and soft. Her voice glides across your ears like literal silk. We’re obsessing over how natural her rhythm and tone is—nothing about this song sounds fabricated, only authenticity at its best! “Better Off” caught our attention right upon listening, and we know you BuzzMusic listeners will agree that the sound of her voice is extraordinary. It makes us reminisce about popular sounds from musical theatre productions, but combined with a more indie element, having an overall unique mixture. “Better Off” is the kind of ballad we need in our playlist every so often—the single truly creates a humble and soothing atmosphere. We love artists who can integrate a variety of elements from various genres, and Shelby Olive did just that, she definitely didn’t disappoint with “Better Off”. Stay on the lookout for new releases and exciting updates at

Check out “Better Off” here, and continue reading for the artists exclusive interview. 

Hey Shelby! Please let our readers know a little bit about yourself as an artist!

I fell in love with musical theatre at a really young age and started writing music when I was 12. I got my first ukulele for Christmas in 2009 and the rest is history. I spent 5 years as one half of the ukulele duo, Recipe of Life, and branched off with my own solo project in 2015. That same year, I was diagnosed with vocal cord damage and underwent surgery and therapy in order to save my voice. After a year of recovery, I released my debut solo album, Make Sound, followed by another single, Comfortable in Chaos. It's been interesting to go back and listen to all my music to see how my work has evolved over time. My songs went from happy-go-lucky, "love-is-amazing" to a more realistic reflection in what love represents, both in our romantic relationships and our relationships with those around us. With the release of my newest EP, Bad for Me, I really feel like I've finally found a sound that is truly and authentically "me." 

Your voice is incredibly soft and pure. We love the sound you’re able to create! Please tell us how “Better Off” was first envisioned upon creating it?

Thanks for the compliments on my voice! So kind. The new EP, Bad for Me, tells the story of a broken relationship from beginning to end in the attempt to answer the question of "what went wrong?" Better Off is the final song on the record and it is the moment of closure for me in the story. So often when relationships end, I want to have all the answers. Questions of "why? how? when?" fill my brain as I try to figure out what I should've done differently. Sometimes you have to come to terms with the fact that you may never "know." It's a very honest song and when I wrote it, it felt like a weight off my chest. Letting go of the baggage in a relationship is so much easier said than done and I wanted Better Off to feel like release of all that baggage. 

What was your personal favorite part of curating “Better Off”?

My favorite part of creating "Better Off" was definitely the moment I first brought it into the studio. I wrote "Better Off" in a matter of just a couple hours a few days before the studio session was booked. Because it was so last-minute, I didn't have a lot of time to develop it on my own in my little makeshift bedroom 'studio' setup. I knew what I wanted it to sound like in my head, but it wasn't until my producer and I joined forces that it really came to life. It was pretty magical, if I'm being honest. The way it builds in the final mix is exactly how I envisioned it in my head. The guitar, the drums, the driving melody... "Better Off" is about moving on and letting go and I really feel like the production encompasses that. 

If you could collaborate with any mainstream artist for a remix of “Better Off”, who would you choose?

AH! Such a hard question!! It'd be amazing to hear my role model, Sara Bareilles, belting out the final chorus in my song. She's about as good as it gets. If we're talking specifically collaborating on "Better Off", I'd also love to hear Damien Rice's rendition of it. He knows how to build a song! His voice is so raw and he's just as good live as he is in studio. For some of my other songs, such as "Spin Me Around" or "Something I Regret," I'd totally collab with Lake Street Dive or Emily King. They're both amazing and full of so much soul and groove. All that said, I'd be up for collaborating with any artist, really. I love collaboration and I think it makes me a better artist in the long run. 

After your vocal cord surgery, what was the hardest part about recovering with your voice?

The hardest part about recovering following my vocal cord surgery was most definitely learning and practicing patience. My voice was my livelihood. At the time, I was a junior in college majoring in music education. I was singing daily in private lessons, with choirs, and with the jazz orchestra. Not to mention the 1-3 hour solo gigs I had almost every weekend. I had to put so much of my life "on hold" in order to save my instrument. Following surgery, I wasn't allowed to talk for 1 whole month and I couldn't sing for 3 months. Once I did start singing again, it required weekly therapy, rehabilitation, and rest. But most of all, the entire process required an abundance of patience! 


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