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Sheran Azmi Is ‘Aligned’ in Her New Debut Album

Emerging r&b recording artist and singer-songwriter Sheran Azmi continues her soulful musical ventures with her debut 14-track EP, 'Aligned.'

Always embodying a sense of passion and affinity with music, Sheran Azmi expresses her thoughts and traumas while inspiring the listener to have faith. Her debut single, "I Miss You," was inspired by the loss of her brother, leading her to become even more connected with music. Now releasing her eclectic mix of 'healing songs,' Sheran Azmi showcases what true, authentic r&b sounds like with the debut album, 'Aligned.'

The album opens with the 22-second introductory track "Let Go," comprising soft and rhythmic synth keys alongside harmonious background pads to lift the listener into Sheran Azmi's blissful and soothing r&b sounds.

Moving onto the first full track, "Drifting Mantra," this groovy tune kicks off with nostalgic r&b rhythm and percussion arrangements alongside sweet and sensual synths that lift the spirit. Once Sheran Azmi's soft vocals begin raining down from above, she takes us by the hand and inspires us to have faith and believe in ourselves. This instrumental-centric track features a bright electric guitar riff and the grooviest bass licks that submerge us into the depths of r&b. The blissful and soothing tone of this song is the perfect album opener, and we're ready to see what Sheran Azmi brings next.

Moving onward and upward into track number three, "Tired," a cinematic piano melody alongside effects of rain open this song on a more introspective and reflective note. While asking why that perpetual feeling of exhaustion just won't fade, suffering more as each day passes, Sheran Azmi continues to explain how she's trying her best, but it doesn't seem to be enough. The minimal instrumentals in this track allow Sheran Azmi to shine bright in the spotlight, complemented by the colorful addition of a wailing electric guitar to move the energy forward.

Jumping into the fourth track, "Lights On," a similar reflective keyboard melody opens the song while Sheran Azmi expresses how it's been difficult to smile during those troubled times she's experienced. But after feeling the light once again, she slowly got to know herself a bit more and navigated her way back on her path to success. Sheran Azmi's vocals in this track grab our attention with their soothing and delicate tones, and soft r&b/electornic instrumentals perfectly keep the song deep in this relatable, fluid, and mesmerizing space.

Showing her "Inner Glow" is the album's fifth track that kicks up the energy with this warm and bright Donna Summers-like feels through Sheran Azmi's passionate vocal performance alongside upbeat percussion, warm piano melodies, and subtle background pads. While reminding us of our internal and external beauty, it's clear Sheran Azmi has done some needed soul searching to reach such a positive state of mind, considering the first couple of tracks brought us into a deeply emotional space. This song is incredibly easy to listen to, and we're sure any listener will appreciate that.

Jumping into the project's sixth track, "All Yours," Sheran Azmi opens this song with her downtempo and distant r&b keyboard melodies that quickly move into an upbeat and unconventional groove. This song perfectly showcases Sheran Azmi's broad artistic skillset, as her roaming and distant vocal chops alongside the drum-heavy beat peel back another layer of her artistry in the sleekest and most passionate manner. An intoxicating feeling comes with this toe-tapping tune, especially as Sheran Azmi's vocals continue serenading us with angelic and sultry tones.

Onto the album's halfway track, "Top Floor," this soul-soothing tune opens with a harmonious and cinematic piano melody that drops into a downtempo r&b groove with modern drum arrangements and Sheran Azmi's breathtaking vocal stylings. While singing of her undying love for someone and experiencing the endless opportunities their love has to offer, the song slowly expands with orchestral strings to ramp up the passion and devotion. Sheran Azmi makes it clear that this rare kind of love she's experiencing is truly like no other.

Moving onto the eighth track, "Revolution," this listening experience opens with broad and warm piano melodies, energetic brass elements, and downtempo r&b drums to kick things into gear. As Sheran Azmi continues preaching to be yourself and quit the illusions, she reaches the empowering hook where she flutters like a butterfly and serenades us with her entire heart and soul. There's so much emotion in each piece thus far, and we're more than impressed with Sheran Azmi's ability to leave the listener inspired and in need of a hug at the same time.

Sending us into track number nine, "Big Pressure," this groovy track opens with an incredibly nostalgic and funky synth bass that livens the atmosphere in an instant. We can't get enough of the energy Sheran Azmi delivers in this foot-stomping tune; she continues singing of how no one is able to stop her and other like-minded, powerful individuals from reaching their goals. There's a certain electronic feel to this track that brings incredibly modern and exciting flairs to the album, and we're more than appreciative of the anthemic and danceable experience she offers in this track.

Continuing that same energy and added electronic elements with track number ten, "Unpredictable," Sheran Azmi opens the song with this squeaky and melodic synth alongside bright electric guitar riffs and tight drum breaks. Listening to Sheran Azmi's stunning vocals, she takes this song to express the woes and frustrations she feels in a particular relationship. The added cinematic strings truly emphasize Sheran Azmi's conceptual lyrics that are bound to relate to any listener who was left waiting around by someone they love.

Sheran Azmi keeps the passion and energy alive in the eleventh track, "Destined," which begins with a warm piano melody and quickly leaps into a string-heavy beat with punchy 808s and Sheran Azmi's soulful vocals. While singing of how she was digging someone's vibe, a heavy bassline gabs our attention alongside a male vocal chop that balances the song's loving and life-changing approach. The song's overall dreamy yet groovy feel is everything we need to keep our heads held high and remind ourselves that true love exists.

The "Flow" expands into the album's twelfth track, which softly begins with tender r&b keys and bright, airy vocal chops. As the plucky and distorted bass lick begins thumping through our speakers, Sheran Azmi keeps our attention on the jazz-like saxophone that slowly flows through our speakers like a sonic waterfall. This ear-pleasing, smooth, and sultry instrumental helps listeners understand the depths of Sheran Azmi's sonic and instrumental influences, keeping the groove alive but in a more subtle, introspective, and relaxed manner.

Maintaining that same passion and tenderness is track number thirteen, "Soul Tribe," opening with nature-filled effects alongside a spoken-word voice that vocalizes the frustrations of feeling misunderstood. The song later shifts into this dark yet upbeat atmosphere where Sheran Azmi expresses how dreamers never sleep, and she's been on the grind for quite some time. There's a sleek addition of pitched-down vocal harmonies to round out this interesting listening experience, closing the song on this deeply soulful and relatable note.

Taking a spin on the album's fourteenth and final track, "Peace of Mind," this tune warmly opens with a soothing electric guitar riff alongside Sheran Azmi's dreamy vocals that sing of feeling at home in someone's presence. This is truly the ultimate modern r&b ballad that showcases Sheran Azmi's constant search for peace of mind and her impeccable instrumental vision that oozes nothing but soul and emotion. She expands on the power of love while softly carrying us to the outro and reminding her lover that she's in it for the long haul.

Feed your mind, body, and soul with Sheran Azmi's breathtaking healing songs on her recent debut 14-track album, 'Aligned,' now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sheran Azmi. We're thoroughly impressed with the soul, emotion, and passion within your debut album, 'Aligned.' What inspired you to create this deeply personal project?

I felt inspired to turn my pain into purpose and create art so that it could be felt by humanity and generations to come. I had a deep realization I needed to go through my own personal journey to inspire and show others the way. With so much trauma in the world, I felt the desire to show people they are never alone. Message music is needed more than ever now, and I want to hold space for people to align.

Did you work alongside any producers or songwriters when navigating your way through 'Aligned?'

So, there were just the two of us working on the entire album. My husband, best friend, and soul mate is a genius producers/beatmaker, and I write all my own lyrics and work to make the melodies right. We work really well together during the creative process; it just flows so easily. We constantly inspire each other with musical ideas and explore different soundscapes.

Is there a song from 'Aligned' that was the most difficult to create in terms of emotion? How were you able to come out strong in the end?

I mean, there were a few of them that were difficult in terms of emotion as they came from such a raw, authentic place. But if I had to pick one, it would be "Lights On." "Lights On" pushed me to meet that little girl in me who knew all along what she was meant to be, who had a dream, and I was lost for so long that I wanted to apologize to her. So, it was definitely 'inner child' work that made me come out stronger in the end. It is about never losing that light that has been awakened inside of you.

What emotions or thoughts did you hope to bring out in the listener when experiencing 'Aligned?' What did you want them to experience?

The album is a journey. Each track has a different emotion. These multitudes of emotions helped me get aligned. You will experience escapism, sadness, pain, suffering, self-doubt, betrayal, love frequencies, empowerment, hope, faith, peace, and that we all need our soul tribe. These songs will fill your soul and will be hard to leave. I would hope these songs will trigger the listener's memories and thoughts that are related to their world and guide them in some way. Everyone is different, so they will take what they need and what resonates with them.

How does the 'Aligned' album represent who you are and what you stand for? How can new listeners get to know you on a more personal level through this record?

'Aligned' represents the journey of how I came into true alignment. Aligned is when the soul and spirit are in alignment. When you are in alignment with the energy of the universe, you create magic and synchronicity in your world. Alignment is listening to your intuition to become our true selves, which is something I stand for. All the lyrics are from my life and personal experience. It represents my journey and all things falling into place, becoming aligned, and finding inner peace. I had to be vulnerable for this project to be born, and it is very personal to me, something I felt I needed to share with the world.


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