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Sherie Performs With Heartfelt Hues In “Alé”

Los Angeles-based artist Sherie is an esteemed Haitian American who has exercised her artistic intentions in the realm of being a Billboard charting songwriter and master violinist, offering an eclectic twist to her creative process.

Sherie's lyrics have seen the heights of a Billboard #1 chart topper with Ariana Grande’s “Positions,'' which stood as a career-defining moment for Sherie. Her ability to transform words into beautifully curated melodies ranges through several genres, including but not limited to R&B, pop, soul, urban, classic, and alternative sounds.

As Sherie takes her beatific soprano tone and poetic lyrical gift to her latest single, her audience gets to take in her hit song “Alé.”

Immediately greeting our speakers with the wavy essence of faded synths and pads, the lucid atmosphere is accompanied by upbeat percussion that impulsively caters to our attention.

Acting as a vibrant foundation for Sherie to softly lay her elusive timbres upon, we hear a narrative unravel that touches on the unequivocal upshots of romance and desire. “Alé” is Sherie’s Haitian bid to love. Candidly rendering “Let’s Go” in Haitian Creole, the warm embrace of “Alé” is intended to push us further inwards through a journey of love in all its facets.

With each word poetically performed with unalloyed sentiment running through every melody, Sherie transports us to the destination of her heartfelt croons as she sweeps us into a euphoric embrace.

Amongst the brilliance in the English and French Creole lyrics, there’s a fullness in the production realm that has every moment between sounds fueled by passion.

Through various inflections, pauses in the beat, and scope into reflective findings from the heart, “Alé” dances in a sparkling light of resonance, and we’re here for it. Listen to the poise radiating from Sherie’s new hit single today.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sherie, and congratulations on the release of “Alé.” We adored listening to this song and how it directly ties into your heritage. Could you please shine a light on what inspired the concept of this single?

Thank you so much. I appreciate your kind words! I started working on “Ale” with a producer named Reggie. He is amazing. He sent me the beat, and I immediately thought, this is a love bop, and I started freestyling words of “Here we go” because the tempo was fun and upbeat. I was initially going to name the song “Here We Go” because the premise of it is about not being afraid to jump into an adventure of love. Then I thought, It would be so dope to incorporate my culture into it, and instead of saying, “Here we go,” I’m gonna say “Ann Ale” in Creole, meaning, “Let's go,” and make it a whole event around an adventure of love in English and Creole.

Being both a master violinist and acclaimed songwriter, what similarities and differences do you find in the creative process when you tackle each avenue?

Being a violinist is a wonderful perk during my songwriting/creative process. It is a cool way to hear a different approach to melody. Whenever I did a melody pass, I would sing as if playing a violin solo or violin chords/harmonies. Then I would sing a pass as if I was singing the song live, and then I connected the two by listening back to the takes and piecing what parts sound best together to make a strong, cohesive melody/song. This process is fun because sometimes I surprise myself with what comes out. Sometimes it’s beautiful, and sometimes I challenge myself and say, “Can I beat this? Let’s try again,” and do it all over again.

You have a list of career accolades that have taken you to the top of the Billboard charts. What was it like reaching that moment for you? Do you find that it changed or enhanced the way you approach your music to this day?

I have been fortunate to see a song that I was a part of making it to #1 on the Billboard charts, which was very humbling. I felt very blessed to be able to create with amazing and talented people and see that the world loved it. I believe moments like that challenge and motivate us to push forward and set a new level of dreams to be reached. From that wonderful accomplishment, I have had more opportunities to work with top-name artists/producers who have been a part of my growth and approach to music. It is beautiful to hear a song you wrote five years ago and compare it to those you recently wrote because you can hear the changes in life experiences and constant practice that have made you better in your craft. It is so rewarding.

What do you hope your audience can take away from the meaning of “Alé?"

"Ale” is a Haitian call to love that pushes us all deeper into a journey through love in all its facets. “Ale” is the story of a woman who has taken all of her experiences that gave her fear to love and decided to let it drive her into love, taking the action to go for it and not let anything stop her. When you listen to this song, I hope you are inspired by love, not fear, and wherever your heart is taking you, “Ann Alè,” just go for it.


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