Sherwood Forest Releases Smashing New Single “Glow”

Sherwood Forest originally started out in Bloomington, IL, as a solo vehicle for lead singer/keyboardist Clifford Close before inviting his two friends--which included current guitarist Matt Powers--to join him and form a band! They released an ear-piercing and enthralling song titled “Glow”. “I want to glow for you to see, know I gotta change for us to be free…. I love you more than what words can say, passionately” we interpret the band is singing about change and self-realization.

I personally love the lyrical connotation of this single because it’s very personable yet relatable to many. This isn’t your typical sappy love bop, it’s a sentimental song that has a cynical and more so a “self-love” delivery. The vocals have an supplemented effect alongside the warm vibration and sonority. With a classic band playing in the background that creates a sense of authenticity and validation, the band doesn’t fabricate anything fraudulent in their music. An honest band with an honest sound, Sherwood Forest’s “Glow” can become consumable for all those authentic alternative music lovers.

Check out our exclusive interview with Sherwood Forest below!

Do you guys feel as if your friendship with one another helps you guys deliver solid music?

Clifford: Absolutely. We’ve all become pretty close friends and we’ve earned each other’s trust. That being said, we all have our own input in the songs we write. But since we have that trust and understanding, we can push each other lovingly and make the song sound better. Someone can tell me, “That vocal take wasn’t that great” or “I think the song should go in this direction” and since I trust their opinion, we can try that with no hard feelings.

Mitchell: I think our friendships make playing music an infinitely more enjoyable experience. It really helps with honesty and making music we all love.

What’s the most difficult aspect of being in a band? What’s the best aspect of it? And why?

Clifford: The worst part I think is the schedule. We’re not at the point where this is our full-time or even part-time job. So some of us are in school, some of us have three jobs, some of us have homes out of town, some of us work third shift jobs. So that definitely can make it difficult to schedule shows or meeting times and the like. The best part would be the friendship we’ve made over the years. We can honestly say that none of us were friends before we joined the band. But playing music together has definitely created a special bond and we’ve become best friends because of that.

Mitchell: I think another difficult aspect is putting in a lot of work knowing we may not make any (or little) money or profit from it. The best part is doing it anyway because it’s always a fun experience. I love making music I love.

Mind telling us the song-writing approach for “Glow” and the idea you guys wanted to convey?

Mitchell: All writing credit to Clifford, but I think the overall sound ended up being a huge collaboration. We wanted the song to be loud and big. A simple blueprint for what I think is a great result. 

Clifford: I wrote all the chords and lyrics to it and recorded a little demo on my phone with my acoustic and sent it to everyone. Aside from building on the original with different instrumentation, very little has changed from the original structure of the song. The meaning behind the song comes from a personal desire to be a better person for ones family. And while the song is very personal, the lyrics are very inspired by a lot of the themes in the film “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?” mostly because it is a favorite of mine and I’ve always been able to relate to the protagonist in many ways. You always wanna love your family and be there for them, but it’s not always easy and it definitely can make you question your loyalty. And that’s what this song is about: sticking with your family, even during the tough times.

Do you guys think “Glow” has a more in-depth underlying interpretation or it’s very surface and openly explanatory?

Clifford: I obviously have my own message and purpose behind it and I don’t try to hide it. But I think there are many themes within the song that everyone can relate to. There are themes about bettering yourself as a person, themes of being more dependable for the people you love, themes of love and sacrifice, etc. And if anyone interprets it any one of those ways and relates to that, I have no problem with that. 

Who are some of your musical influences and why?

Clifford: One thing I love about our band is that we all have different music that we like, which I think has a positive effect on our music. I guess our most common influences and mutual favorites would be artists like Mumford & Sons, Dawes, The National, Foo Fighters, Pinegrove, and Manchester Orchestra.

If you guys could collaborate with any classic band who would you choose and why?

Mitchell: I’d probably choose classic Weezer. Mostly cuz they’d be a riot to work with, but I think the sound of their debut (rock with acoustic guitar used often) would mesh well with our style. 

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