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Shine Bright in Your World as Dale Fisher Takes You Into His

In a city where stars are expected to shine bright, burn out and fade away, the stars that shine steadily are too often overlooked. Dale Fisher is one such star.

With many accolades under his belt, Dale Fisher is a well-traveled musician who has written and recorded with John Mellencamp, conquered the Los Angeles local scene, climbed a mountain of soundtracks, recorded and performed around the world, and even penned a commercial jingle or two.

Dale Fisher offers a perspective that’s not common in the ever-changing, always- cynical music industry. He boasts an airy and buoyant, acoustic guitar-based sound, densely speckled around a farm-fresh foundation.

Upon first listen to Dale Fisher’s most recent single, “Be in Your World,” we find ourselves instantly gravitating towards the funk-fueled rhythm that pulses through the effervescent soundscape before us. Dale Fisher creates a jaunty realm of textured captivation as he offers an invitation to his listeners far and wide to step into the eclectic world of his musical creations.

The sound provided in “Be in Your World,” is colossal. Transitioning through rhythmic layers of syncopated patterns, the opulent layers of unpredictable guitar riffs bounce off the uplifting structure held in the mind-altering fusion at hand. Lyrically tackling the theme of being caught off guard by the apple of his eye, we hear the passion spill fervently from the reverberated timbres cascading with the arrangement of “Be in Your World.” Washing over us in one fell swoop, the smooth operating mechanics of this record work together in order to achieve the larger-than-life sound that we find ourselves immersed in.

Dale Fisher is no stranger to molding the minds of his audience with each release, and with “Be in Your World,” the transmission of feel-good vibrations reigns supreme in his conveyance. If you’re looking to be moved both literally and metaphorically, we suggest you play Dale Fisher’s latest hit at full volume.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Dale Fisher, and congratulations on the release of your most recent single, “Be in Your World.” With the themes of your songwriting jumping out of the speakers, was this song based on a real-life moment?

Yes, this song idea started in a late-night dance club called The Box in Gummerbach, Germany, and some locals took me there. I changed some of the words because my producer Chis Wonzer brilliantly pointed out that my describing a girl on the dance floor, from afar, was kinda creepy the way I originally worded it (I think I was talking about how her hips moved), so we moved her to her car for that reason. Otherwise, it's pretty spot on regarding her beauty, how it affected me, those around her, and those around me.

Could you please share a glimpse of what it was like working with your team to get the desired sound of this single?

Chris Wonzer was Linda Perry's engineer for many years working at Royal Tone Studios, which became Kung Foo Gardens when Linda eventually bought it (named something else now, I think). He worked with Christina Aguilera, Macy Gray, Enrique Iglesias, Rod Stewart, Cheap Trick, Glen Ballard, and Alanis Morissette, to name drop a few. I was having a hard time getting all of his attention in L.A., so we went to Palm Springs to an Airbnb of a friend for 12 days to work on sounds, loops, beats, and other experimental sounds. This ended up being a great idea, and really brought the years of work on this album, up to the level that you hear on this single "Be In Your World".

Did you find the creative process for this track to be similar or different from your usual process? Could you please share any stand-out moments from the experience?

This single was a little different, in that I had a demo of many songs we did in Germany at Artfarm Studios outside of Köln, with Rami Jaffee from the Foo Fighters/Wallflowers and producer/engineer Robert Shuller. It wasn't until we got to Palm Springs that the rhythm section for "Be In Your World" was finally perfected, along with playing the keyboard part backward at the beginning (or it's most noticeable at the intro). We also eliminated some speaking/rap parts at the end where I was giving shout-outs to many cities I was performing in over there( Dortmund, Berlin, Stuttgart, Munich, etc). It was one of those rare moments when someone (Chris), has to be the one that tells the artist, this sounds stupid lol!

What emotions and themes are you hoping to transmit to your audience from “Be in Your world?"

With all that has been going on in the world and all that has been halted because of Covid, including love and romance, it kinda changed into a feel-good song about what we all can relate to, dreaming of love, and a look back at more normal times, with brighter times for the future. The theme of being in your world really just described the age-old story of wanting to be in love at first sight, and the hopes that it would be reciprocated. Since I am not one to execute my ideas many times, this one was an instance that I wrote about later, after I failed to get up the nerve to speak to her, then, or when I saw her again. Don't miss chances would be a message to transmit, or you will be only WISHING you were in their world for a lifetime.

What's next for you?

As I said the last time we spoke, a piano Ep is more than halfway done. The first single will be "17", an up-tempo tune that many working on the record, say is one of my best. Paul Ill on bass, Kellii Scott on Drums, Rami Jaffee on keys/sounds, and some others who will be doing overdubs shortly. "4 wheel drive", "Remember When We Were Young", and a remake of "Zoobie Zooie" from my Qkumbrz album, are all in the hopper at the moment. I have been in Florida and open States in the midwest during Covid to be able to continue to perform. Many of my comrades have not been so lucky, and are chewing at the bit to gig. Heading to Germany, as soon as the international travel opens, for 8 weeks of recording and playing small venues, is my next vision I hope to accomplish. We have also completed the filming on a video, with a young filmmaker Ryan Lotfi. He is Iranian, born in Dubai, with an exceptional talent for using drones and switching to live moments from the shoot, fading out the soundtrack at certain times during the track to give it a modern look. Ryan is in editing mode at this moment, with all A rolls and B rolls finished. With luck, love will show me the way, and I hope to continue, is really all that is "what's next".



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