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Shine Releases New Single "Gbe Body"

Olumide Awobajo, also known as Shine is a songwriter and performer born in Lagos. Shine grew up having a great love for music and passion for performance. Ultimately, this lead to him becoming a recording artist, releasing songs as far back as 2006 such as “Fill Me In, Dance with Me, Winning, Je Ka Soro, Shayo, Calculate”, to name a few. Currently, he has new single releases such as “Dandan, Rara, Dothedo, Baby, Soge, Manythings and Jelo”.

BuzzMusic is proud to present a brand new single by Shine called “Gbe Body”. The beat of this song has an immediately noticeable danceable quality. The mood of this song is happy-go-lucky, and will have you searching for the nearest dance floor. The vocals are well-recorded and produced, and the vocal harmonies provide a nice variety. All of the aspects of this song, from the beats, to the synths to the vocals blend together perfectly, making “Gbe Body” a single well worth listening to. We at BuzzMusic highly recommend Shine as a promising young artist.

Check out Shine's "Gbe Body" on Spotify, as well as the artists personalized interview below!

Thanks for catching up with us! First of all, would you mind describing a bit about your background and how you first got involved with music and songwriting?

I was born in Lagos, Nigeria. I am from the Yoruba ethnic group northern part of Ijebu, Ogun State, southwest Nigeria.I had my education in Lagos Nigeria, I grew up listening to a lot of music, I remember my dad will play music day and night almost all the time so I fell in love with music and I always love to hear new sound, I hardly forget each and every new sound I hear, this kept me going till I realize that I can compose new music, then I started writing my own music 2006, the same year I recorded my first music.

Did you grow up in Lagos? What was the music scene like there?

Yes I grew up in Lagos, i was born in Oworosoki Lagos island, the music scene was interesting because I already had that passion for music in me.

Who would you describe as your biggest artistic influences?

I used to listen to a lot of reggae music back then so I will say Bob Marley.

You just released a new single called “Gbe Body”. Did you have a particular message in mind behind the music in this case?

Yes, Gbe Body is a slang that was common late 2018 it means 'carry your body'.

What can we hope to see from Shine in the future?

The best, my album will be dropping soon and I am shooting more videos.


Connect and keep up to date with Shine via the artists Instagram and Twitter!


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