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Shining A Spotlight On Aaron Sand's Purely Delivered Album, "Introspection"

Reining from Westchester, New York, Aaron Sand releases his long-awaited debut album, 'Introspection. Aaron Sand has such a broad and dynamic sound. He's best known for traversing experimental compositions from pop, rock, alternative, electronic, etc. Listeners will feel intrigued by Sand's distinct vocals, meaningful lyrics, and symbolic artistry.

The first record, "Body On Mine," slowly opens up with energetic and vibrant energy. With his warm melodic vocals, he sings out to someone who he craves to be near him. Aaron starts his second record, "The Cycle," with an acoustic guitar melody opening up into an R&B/Rock mood to set the tone. Aaron Sand takes this track to make it known that his heart isn't one to play around with and although he gives people chances time and again, it's clear he's better off solo.

In the album's third tune, "Funhouse Games," Aaron Sand begins vocalizing the pain someone caused him and their wishes to leave him shattered. Sand ramps up the energy to firmly deliver themes of inner power and distaste by playing these "Funhouse Games" within a relationship. The halfway point, "Pass By Me," slows things down with a tender and delicate r&b-like vibe as Aaron opens his heart and wonders why he let someone so special pass him by.

"Don't You Let Me Go," Aaron Sand's bright and lush vocals sing of those gut-wrenching moments within a relationship that separates both parties with anger and frustration. Before we know it, a deeply passionate and captivating rapper makes his way in to add to the album's soul and emotion while closing the song on a note of devotion and faith.

The album's sixth track, "Halfway Broken," takes off into a colorful arrangement. Aaron Sand takes us by the hand and guides us down the relatable and emotional path of confusion within a relationship and feeling it tear apart at the seams. Sand makes crucial realizations in this track, like knowing when to admit he's wrong, and the thrilling rock instrumentals perfectly emphasize those difficult internal moments.

Aaron Sand ends this masterpiece off with the seventh track, "Missing Piece." This dreamy tune begins with an ethereal electric guitar riff alongside Aaron Sand's gentle vocals. He softly sings of the long and tiresome journey towards self-love and finally finds it with help from his "Missing Piece," helping him realize how special and unique he really is.

In his recent interview with BuzzMusic, Aaron tells us how this album has naturally molded itself over the years of creating it and wrote each song at different moments throughout his journey. He tells us that he's hoping to positively impact his audience and listeners, making them feel as though they're not alone when feeling afraid in this messed-up world. His past experiences turned him into a strong individual with the drive and ambition to win.

The future is bright for Aaron Sand on his quest to showcase his music to the masses. We believe in you!

Check out the full review and interview with the insanely gifted Aaron Sand here.


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