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Shining A Spotlight On akilbeatsdenver And His Debut Album 'Intrinsic'

Producer, composer, programmer, and beatmaker from Denver, Colorado, akilbeatsdenver, takes us to the sky with his dynamic debut album, 'Intrinsic.'

While everyone dives into hip-hop and r&b, akilbeatsdenver's sound holds no boundary. His creativity and force in genres like house and electronic make him recognized as having a positive impact on the industry.

Recently akilbeatsdenver released a culmination of years of craft, his 20-track album, 'Intrinsic.'

'Intrinsic' opens up with the introduction track called "Vitamin A". It sets the scene with synths and cosmic effects. The song is a unique celestial hybrid of lo-fi hip-hop and atmospheric electronic vibes.

As we enter track two, "Thiamin," he sends us into a gentle and warmhearted listening experience with great synths and smooth drum breaks. It leads us down a mystical and feel-good sonic world packed with fun. A similar vibe continues on the third track, "Riboflavin," but ups the hip-hop vibe with a drum-heavy beat while maintaining the lush and harmonious atmosphere. akilbeatsdenver has no problem creating a sonic world of his own while giving us all we need. Onto track four, "Niacin," akilbeatsdenver throws us a jazzy and tender atmosphere that is up the desire. The downtempo and the 60s-style psychedelic synths give the song a flavorful edge that truly showcases akilbeatsdenver's production skills.

The album's fifth track, "Pantothenic Acid," brings us that same downtempo and jazzy atmosphere with a bold r&b twist through wild electric guitar-like synths and melodic brass. The drums don't appear until much later in the song, transitioning the atmosphere into a luxurious and rich listening experience.

As we continue our journey through the album, akilbeatsdenver sends us deep into space with the following few tracks, "Folate", "Vitamin C," and "Vitamin D." He represents passion. He has so many jazzy undertones to keep it as gentle and top-tier as possible. Landing on the last few tracks, he hits us with experimental vibes with tightly-knit synths and a captivating sonic experience. It's a perfect culmination of all tracks prior while closing on a note of passion and intimacy.

Let us take you on a journey while we review and interview akilbeatsdenver about his debut album 'Intrinsic' here.

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