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Shining A Spotlight On Anna Duboc And Her Latest Release, “Mystery Lady”

Photo: Megan Thomson

BuzzMusic recently reviewed Anna Duboc's latest release, "Mystery Lady." Anna's exceptional songwriting and vocal ability shone through as we listened, casting a bright aura around this promising young talent.

Anna's love for music sparked at a young age, and her involvement in instruments in musicals and caring for her craft developed into a well-rounded talent and career. Anna's love for emotional connection through music and her mother's love for harmonious sounds are attributed to her success in her independent career. Co-written and co-produced with Matias Mora, her unique style mixed with Marias Mora's expertise take this record exactly where it needs to be.

"Mystery Lady" begins with beautiful, eerie vocals by Anna, drawing the listener in and telling a story of a woman capable of anything if pushed far enough. Anna's vivid imagery, meshed with her enigmatic penmanship, delivered an amazing hook for this brilliant record. The spooky production allows the lyrics to shine bright as a contrast over the track, using metaphors to further add depth to "Mystery Lady." The music video complements the track, adding intriguing and mysteriously captivating visuals and lyrics.

In Anna Duboc's recent interview with BuzzMusic, Anna explains she's had the title for a while, and when they developed the song, it seemed fitting. Anna states that the track is about the darker side of someone you rarely see; only when you betray or hurt them do those sides appear.

We asked Anna about her thoughts on creative control, and she said, "there have been times when I have been given opportunities to sing other people's music and be a part of someone else's vision, and even though it was a hard decision, I said no. Looking back, I am glad I held my ground because I can develop my style and sound and be true to who I am."

Read the full article and interview with the bold and beautiful Anna Duboc and her latest release, "Mystery Lady," here.


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