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Shining A Spotlight On Cody Hall’s Inspirational Single, “The Dark”

Albertan singer-songwriter Cody Hall aims to help remind us all to not give in to “The Dark” in his latest single, as brighter days are on the horizon. This Country/Folk artist has infused his heart and soul into this track, showing off his vocal prowess and incredible songwriting abilities along the way. Hall’s songwriting radiates authenticity throughout “The Dark.”

Cody Hall’s lyrics tell relatable and uplifting stories for listeners to lay back and feel at ease while singing along. His soothing and twangy vocals guide us along through his tales, as comforting and uplifting soundscape radiates Country flare.

In his exclusive interview with BuzzMusic, Cody Hall let us in on some of the inspiration behind this standout track. Written during the pandemic, Hall was facing his own slew of challenges and watching many people around him face hard times as well. He divulged how he wanted to provide listeners with relatable experiences throughout “The Darl,” inspired by his own personal struggles that he knew others also faced.

We applaud Cody Hall for his vulnerability throughout this track, and his ability to paint an honest picture infused with uplifting sentiments for listeners.

The future is looking bright for Cody Hall, as 2022 is already filled with summer shows, music videos in the works, and plenty of songs to be recorded. Keep an eye out for this rising star, you won’t want to miss out on all he has to offer. In the meantime, continue singing along to the passionate and inspiring track, “The Dark."

Check out the full review of “The Dark” and exclusive interview with the talented Cody Hall here.


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