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Shining A Spotlight On Indie Experimental Rock Band Of Your Dreams, Frozen Intertia

Frozen Intertia drew us in right away with their ability to blend elements of rock, jazz, and electronic music together to form their unique and captivating sound.

Highlighting their latest song, “What Is This?,” off their full-length album, “After The Circus,” can expect an energetic groove, big brass, and fun-loving guitar lines that send the song into overdrive.

Frozen Intertia has infused such a deep level of variety and complexity within the instrumentation behind this track. In addition to the high-energy backing from the band, lead singer Timothy Graves delivers an enticing and powerful vocal performance, combining perfectly with the soothing and captivating delivery from guest vocalist Charlie Blu.

In their exclusive BuzzMuzic interview, Frozen Inertia let us in on some of their inspiration behind the compelling track. Surprisingly, the lyrics of the song were crafted around a closing line in the latest Twin Peaks television series where one character states, “What year is this?.” Resonating with the band, the rest of the track was formed around that closing question.

Despite just releasing their full-length album, “After The Circus,” Frozen Intertia is already eager to begin working on new tracks for future projects and is diving back into the creative process once again.

Discover more about Frozen Intertia and their latest track, “What Is This?” in the feature article and exclusive interview here.

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