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Shining A Spotlight On socialghosts’ Pop-Punk Masterpiece, “Puzzle in the Dark”

Pop-Punk is alive and well with socialghosts latest release, “Puzzle in the Dark,” and they aim to keep it that way.

This self-produced LA trio has proven that you don’t need a label to gain success in the current music industry. They perfectly fuse elements of indie pop, rock, and punk throughout their latest track, “Puzzle in the dark,” leaving a satisfying wave of nostalgia for the listener to bite into.

Nostalgic guitar solos ring out over the top the vibrant and complex soundscape socialghosts have created with this lively track. Socialghosts have made it impossible for you not to get up and dance with this latest banger.

Throughout their BuzzMusic interview, socialghosts took time to reflect on the writing process of “Puzzle in the dark” and where it all began. They divulged that this single was actually one of the first tracks they ever wrote as a band but tabled the idea initially because they felt they couldn’t get it quite right. They were able to breathe new life into the track with this indie-rock/pop version, and thank god they did. “Puzzle in the Dark” is effortlessly energized and compelling and has absolutely left us craving more.

socialghosts have many goals when it comes to creating and releasing music, but overall, they want to make something they are passionate about, and that feels truly authentic to them. 2022 is going to be a big year for socialghosts, with a new single dropping in March, live shows lined up, and many more songs to be written. We can’t wait to see where they end up and can’t wait to hear more from this band.

Make sure to check out the full article on “Puzzle in the dark” and exclusive interview with socialghosts here.


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