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Shining A Spotlight On Theresa’s Lustful, Energized Single, “Under the Influence”

This music advertising executive is paving her path as a powerhouse artist in the music industry, and we couldn't be more impressed. We had the chance to sit down with Theresa for an exclusive interview of her latest track, "Under The Influence," where she let us in on some of the inspiration behind the way and her experience throughout the songwriting and recording process.

"Under The Influence" stems from the idea of that lustful, passionate kind of love that is all-consuming. We've all been there, and Theresa articulates it beautifully. She is soaking up the feeling of being fully encapsulated by the emotions she feels for her new love interest, and we are hooked on every word. Captivating production elements provide an upbeat, energized soundscape that perfectly backs up Theresa's powerhouse vocals.

In her exclusive interview with BuzzMusic, Theresa chatted about her experience collaborating with producer and songwriter Colby O'Donis (a.k.a O.M.G), who has worked with exceptional stars such as Lady Gaga, Kelly Rowland, and Akon.

She noted how smoothly they combined forces, bringing her idea of a modern version of a classic 90's dance track to life. They've nailed it with "Under The Influence," and we can't wait to hear what comes next from this badass artist.

Check out the full review and interview with Theresa, here.


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