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Shining A Spotlight On Trade Stevens As He Asks Important Questions In Recent Single, “Talk 2 Me”

From NYC, singer-songwriter and recording artist Trade Stevens serenades us with his catchy tune "Talk 2 Me."

Trade Stevens is a jack of all trades and is described as an "Ole Soul" vocalist with groovy dance rhythms and sonic blends. Influenced by Luther Vandross, Aretha Franklin, and Nancy Wilson, Trade also landed his single "Take Me 2 A Place" on a Netflix series, "She's Gotta Have It."

"Talk 2 Me" is a deeply emotional song that hits in all the right places and can't help but make you bust a few groovy moves along the way. Expanding on "Talk 2 Me," Trade Stevens dives into the song with lyrics that plead for someone to quit destructively talking to him. He wastes no time jumping into his lyrical content about someone cruel who he happens to be head over heels for. Trade Stevens's performance abilities in this song are unique; he captures our attention while inviting listeners to relate to his honest lyrics. This r&b escape is truly a treat for our ears, and Trade Stevens packs all the passion, wonder, lust, and love.

Catch Trade Stevens's review and interview on his recent flavourful single "Talk 2 Me" here.


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