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Spotlight: Vicki’s Dream And Their Latest Release, “Morbid”

Atlanta-based collective feeds us their latest creativity with their recent release. Vicki's Dream, a name to remember, consists of 4 equally dedicated humans, Toxic Thomas, Brince, Crow, and Fantazma, who all strive for consistency, drive, and uniqueness in their music.

Vicki's Dream gives us a diverse and creative vision that is portrayed, an exciting act that blends metal influences, punk, and goth. They bring forth a unique and captivating sound where listeners can close their eyes and expand their minds to the different systems "Morbid" throws them in.

A music video accompanies the record to grab the listener and make them dive deeper into the minds of Vicki's Dream. The video interestingly takes us on a journey to a church where we see in black and white a bride in a black dress veiled.

A plot seems on the way as we hear the lyrics, "Dance with me on the moon, I sleep with death, and morbid is my love." This rare musical piece perfectly complements the music video, leading to an experience that many rock fans will enjoy.

Experience the time of your life with Vicki's Dream as we review their daring single "Morbid" and interview them here.

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