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Shining The Light On Ottawa’s Next, CJ Capital Releases Single“Lights On You”

A singer/songwriter and word poet at only 19 years old, CJ Capital is the next big thing to come out of Ottawa, Canada. CJ Capital released his single titled “Lights on You” and this savvy rnb-trap beat is an entire vibe you all will love! The infectious melody becomes addictive and contagious alongside CJ’s skilled vocals. His vocal articulation projects a sense a full-toned , smooth sailing resonance that will serenade its listeners and curate the perfect chilled environment for you.

“Lights On You” energy is subdued and soft without having to do the most on delivery. It’s absorbing and melodic. The beat transports you into a more relaxed and settled mood while also having the perfect kick to it with the light, headbanging bass. CJ Capital has all the right perks and skills to his artistry and talent that makes him an appealing creator to the current smooth-talking generation. “Lights On You” embodies today’s definition of rnb and it’s missing in the current market of music. There’s not many RnB male artists creating a wave and skyrocketing the sound back into the popular preference like Usher, Chris Brown, etc. has done in the past. Therefore, CJ Capital’s unique style, and highly attractive singing voice, makes him the missing piece to the unfinished puzzle in the industry!

Give a listen to CJ Captial's "Lights On You" here, and keep reading for the artists exclusive interview with BuzzMusic!

Hello CJ, can you introduce yourself to our readers? How did you begin your career in music?

Wassup ya'll, I'm CJ Capital. I'm from Ottawa, Canada the Capital of the country. I always grew up with music playing, it has a huge impact on the person I want to be. Quick shoutout to artists like Lecrae, Chance The Rapper, Bryson Tiller ,just to name a few, who inspire me to tell my story in a melodic form. This whole music thing started in high school. I would be freestlying with the crew at parties,in the halls,in the whip, any chance we had really. Rapping, singing and spoken word, I'm very grateful for my gifts and I want to impact generations to come with stories I tell through my songs.

Tell us about your single “Lights on You” and the meaning behind it?

So I dropped "Lights on You" on March 22nd 2019. “Lights On You” is about having your attention on that one person who makes your heart beat out of your chest, as soon as they walk in the room. They’re shining bright without you, and you just want to convince them to take a chance on you.

What inspired you to write “Lights on You”?

Well... I'm at school right now and I keep telling myself "focus on your studies" and that I have to keep working on myself. But, this girl in one of my classes caught me off guard. Her energy is so bless, and she beautiful, confident and I know she's out of my league. So we talking right now, but I want her to take a chance with me.

How is "Lights on You" different than songs you've released in the past?

This track is different than my other ones because I feel it's promise I'm making in musical form.

What can we expect next from you CJ?

This summer is about to be a wave with a bunch of new music on the way!

Just started a new group called: CZN

We dropped our first single on April 24th 2019! Go pree that, available everywhere.


Catch CJ Capital on the artists socials:


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