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Shining The Spotlight On Jordan Coley In His Latest Release, “No Need For Grace”

Jordan channels Paramore, As Cities Burn, and many more in his catchy new release, "No Need For Grace."

As Jordan recalls, he's been playing music his whole life. Jordan has been hooked since he started piano lessons at seven years; driven by his love for music and performance, he would pick up and practise other instruments as he grew older.

Inspired by his passion for his talent and craft, Jordan Coley grew up in a church where he now is a musical director for the church band in Baltimore. Jordan developed a love for instruments at 7, learning the piano and later branching to other instruments. Channelling the loss of his mother, Jordan released an EP dedicated to her memory, expressing grief and the ability to channel emotion through music.

Jordan's recent masterpiece, "No Need For Grace," displays more than just his impeccable talent but expresses how he placed someone on a pedestal that no longer deserves it. This dynamic record mashes his spin to the 2000s emo subculture while communicating a powerful story. Turning away from false idols, this record is the realization that the woman he sings about isn't exactly what he'd imagined while drunk off his infatuation. Haven't we all been here before?

"No Need For Grace" is a relatable record; Jordan Coley's art thrives when he is most vulnerable during his creation process. This vulnerability is handy, especially when looking for a connection to the listener and skill at its peak. Ensure to support this new release from Jordan and all future releases; artists like these are hard to come by.

Check out the full review and interview with Jordan Coley and his new track, "No Need For Grace," here.



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