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Shining The Spotlight On Prophetic Poet’s Latest Release, “Don’t Tweak”

Your friendly neighborhood Chicagoan, Prophetic Poet is an aspiring artist that has an unconditional love for music. A teenager, Prophetic Poet took pen to paper and penned the lines of his very first rap song. Taking a seat at the desk, he let the words pour out of his mind and filled the once white, bare page.

Pressing play on "Don't Tweak," Prophetic Poet gets us out of our seats with his club energy while memorizing us by his catchy wordplay. Prophetic Poet glides over the trap beat effortlessly as he raps about a woman with whom he doesn't want to act out of character or do anything to turn her away. As we slide into the second verse Prophetic Poet takes no prisoners, speaking about his life in the hood surrounded by tempting women and violence, striving to come out on top.

In Prophetic Poet's recent interview with BuzzMusic, he mentions how the main inspiration for the song “Don’t Tweak” was really the notion of not allowing anyone to play with you because in life we always come across someone who believes that they can either talk to us in any kind of way or treat us any type of way. "I've always thought about branching out into different genres, my goal as an artist is to be as versatile as I can possibly be with my music. I wouldn’t want to be marginalized in one genre of music..."

"Don't Tweak" is a stone-cold banger and a hustler's anthem, and Prophetic Poet's expert delivery keeps us on our seats, begging for more. Stream "Don't Teak" on all platforms today, and catch up on the full BuzzMusic article here.


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