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Shiragirl Makes a Mockery of our Modern Motives in, "Antisocial Media"

With an impressive history of engaging live performances and activism, singer-songwriter and punk artist Shiragirl returns to question the sanity of our social media fever with her latest music video for "Antisocial Media."

Something that struck us was Shiragirl's dedicated activism towards gender equality, female empowerment, and providing resources for female and non-binary artists. Having raised money for girls' charities and shooting a music video at the Women's March, Shiragirl's advocacy doesn't stop there, as she continues to make our industry and safer and more empowering place for anyone and everyone.

Expanding on her latest music video for the single, "Antisocial Media," Shiragirl and her accompanying female bandmates left us in awe of their energy and wit. What's somewhat eerie is the fact that Shiragirl's music video seems to be satire, although, it's a spot-on representation of our modern world and relentless drive to become known via social media.

Beginning our venture into the music video for "Antisocial Media," we're met with a powerful punk instrumental that takes off with energy and vigor. As Shiragirl begins to put on this valley girl facade, she playfully reminds us that we don't have to personally know her to like her posts or become mutuals on social media.

As the video continues, it breaks into absolute anarchy as we see the female bandmates losing their minds over not getting enough interactions or not conveying a perfect life in their posts. With the various in-depth and highly conceptual scenes that emphasize the vanity of our modern world, Shiragirl leaves us analyzing whether this particular route is beneficial for the minds who are still molding.

Watch as Shiragirl and her bandmates make a mockery of our modern media-inclined world with her latest stimulating music video, "Antisocial Media," now available on YouTube.

Welcome to Buzz-Music Shiragirl. There are no words to express how grateful we are for your conceptual music video for "Antisocial Media." What inspired you to write a song based on the vanity of our modern motives in terms of social media use?

So glad you appreciate our concept, thank you! I think the effects of social media on our mental health came to a head over the pandemic, where it was our only chance to connect with more people, and we learned to accept living our lives through our phones, and social media validation. The song title is actually inspired by a text I sent to our band thread, and our bassist declared, that’s a song title!

It looked like it was likely a good time on set. Was it fun to put on this persona and imitate the life of an egotistical social media influencer?

Yes, so fun! We picked this set because it had rooms that could be used both for the glossy side of social media and the dark side… it’s always fun to dress up and play different parts.

How did you connect with director Heather Ballish and did you collab on the concept?

Heather is incredible! We set out to work with a female director, which was harder than it sounds. Through word of mouth, Heather was recommended and ended up being the perfect collaborator on this project. She’s so passionate, dedicated, and really put in the work to make sure our message was heard and collective vision was realized!

What is the one single message you would like your audience to take away from this release?

I think it’s so important to remember social media feeds are not an accurate portrayal of real life. They are carefully curated and selected. It’s so easy to get caught up in social comparison, measuring your worth in followers/likes, and feeling like your life is not “enough.” But real life is nuanced, flawed, and has both highs and lows. Social media is not real life!

Are there more singles dropping later this year? What can we expect?

Stay tuned for more major news from Shiragirl-world!! Thank you so much


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