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Shuxx Mills Brings the Heat with His Recent Single, "Bucks"

The latest refreshing addition to Toronto's hip-hop scene Shuxx Mills teams up with producer Iiimpala for their latest bass-thumping single, "Bucks."

Continuously reflecting on his roots and upbringing through his hard-hitting approach to storytelling, Shuxx Mills also finds ways to utilize past influences while presenting an identity that is primed and ready for global acclaim. Shuxx Mills's catchy music and meaningful bars continue to put him on the map as another talented staple out of his city.

Now releasing his highly rhythmic and head-bopping single, "Bucks," Shuxx Mills and producer Iiimpala blast through our speakers with nothing but power and poise. While Shuxx Mills spits his authoritative and dominant bars, Iiimpala's savory and dark production keeps us locked into the scorching groove.

Jumping into "Bucks," the track opens with Shuxx Mills' filtered vocals alongside Iiimpala's eerie production, offering us dark synth arrangements and mid-tempo drum breaks. Setting the tone is Shuxx Mills' powerful vocal entry, as he wastes no time and shares his day-to-day routines while striving to deepen his pockets.

About halfway through the track, Shuxx Mills brings us deeper into his clever and thorough concept with hard-hitting bars like, "2020 vision just know it is real, this that hindsight this that feel, feeling like Mitch living ain't real." While Iiimpala drives the heavy sonics towards the outro, the track comes to a wavy ending, and we're left wanting more of this powerhouse collaboration.

Catch Shuxx Mills' latest single, "Bucks," on all digital streaming platforms, and get to know Toronto's next staple artist as he continues gaining traction in the hip-hop scene.

Hello Shuxx Mills and welcome to BuzzMusic. We love the heaviness and power you deliver within your latest single, "Bucks." When did you begin writing bars for this track?

I started writing BUCKS a couple of years ago, during the time I was working and experimenting with different sounds and BUCKS was a result. I knew it was a hard-hitting track and wanted to make sure it came out at the appropriate time.

Do you always work with producer Iiimpala when creating the sonics for your music? What was your collaborative process like for "Bucks?"

Iiimpala was the first engineer/producer I ever worked with, he's helped me create these past few singles, and again on BUCKS we were able to find an authentic sound that really stands out, it's always a vibe when you see Iiimpala on the beat.

How does your single "Bucks" give listeners a better idea of who you are, the music you create, and the themes your regularly touch on?

With BUCKS I hope my supporters can feel the impact first and foremost, how through these past few singles the sound has kept changing but the lyrics are still hitting. It's important to stay authentic in music and a lot of the themes I rap about are my own personal experiences and things that have brought me to this point, so the true supporters will always get that.

Seeing as there's always tremendous talent coming out of your city, how does your music stand out and add to the expansive Toronto music scene?

There's a lot of talent in Toronto, always has been and it's great to see us getting that shine. It motivates me to push harder with every single, knowing that the city loves music as much as it does I want to create music that resonates, music that's hard-hitting, straight in your face like it's been.

What can we expect to see next?

Be ready for my E.P still a TBA project. It will be coming out later this year but in the meantime, I got the video for BUCKS dropping real soon, my team and I (HNTRS Club) got some merch dropping in the very near future, and we are working on some content to introduce the world to the HNTRS CLUB.

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