"Sick Mind" From MH The Goat Will Show You A Whole New Side To The Rap Game

Rappers can be a dime-a-dozen but in a current trend of cardboard copy artists there’s only one MH The Goat. Hailing all the way from Dallas, Texas, MH The Goat released his newest single that shows off his insatiable rhyming skills manifested into a prominent career in the music industry. “Sick Mind” has a dark and haunting Rap/Trap beat fitting to the title of the song. It’s hard hitting, edgy, current, and all around a hardcore dope beat. MH The Goat has one of the coolest and unique rap voices I’ve ever heard. It stands out from the crowd, it’s intricate and odd in a good way. His lyricism and word play ability is catchy and addictive. I’ve heard many punchlines in this song that I can see myself repeating in captions on social media! The chorus has a repetitive asset to it. “I have bars, I have bars, I go hard, I go hard” That repetitive quality is sure to make people singing the hook over and over again. It gets stuck in your head and has that all day glued to your mind quality which can sometimes be annoying because you’re just unconsciously singing it but it leaves a lasting effect on the listener.

Known for his charismatically witty rhymes and multi-facet persona, MH The Goat is no stranger to versatility that excludes himself from the generic rapper’s outlook on Hip-Hop and touches base on something original rather than familiarity. As MH The Goat continues to compose, create, manifest and spread the heat throughout 2018 and beyond, Feel free to connect with him on his social media and music streaming platforms where you can be up to date on his next move! In the meantime, check out and listen to “Sick Mind” which you can add to all your blunt and forward rap playlists!

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