Silent Disco Sex Releases New Song "Subliminal Rhymes"

The Emerging duo Silent Disco Sex just released their new single "Subliminal Rhymes" which has the electronic roots mixed with a dark cinematic sound to it. The song is very mysterious and leaves you wondering and wanting more. That sense of mystery connects with the duo’s title of their single in an ironic way. The lyrics read ‘Subliminal rhymes, take time, explosion starts at nine, you’re running out of time.’ you can’t fully comprehend and understand what’s going on without focusing on the lyric interpretation and attempting to code the subliminal message from the song.

The goal of the trio is to express the soundtrack of their lives through this haphazard collaboration, their project of sight and sound brings back a nostalgic look at the past with an elusive view of the future. The video released to this single, correctly displays that sight and sound balance as there’s an equal amount of both, however there’s places in both the visuals and the music for the listener to really focus on each. Although there’s no tone, melody, or belting vocal ranges. This trio has a very individualistic quality about them that will stand them apart from any other band. This is personally my first time hearing something of this sort, their artistry is impeccable and the curiosity I have to decipher the song’s meaning is even more rad.

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