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Simha Reminds Artists to Steer Away from "Losing Focus" on Their Vision

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The San Francisco Bay Area-based r&b/pop artist and singer-songwriter Simha urges his audience to fight back against imposter syndrome with his recent single, "Losing Focus."

Creating a modern and worldly hybrid of r&b and pop, Simha is also inspired by jazz and the elements of North Indian classical music, introducing listeners to new and fresh sounds.

While his music expresses heart and energy through his soulful harmonies and soothing textures, Simha also strives to act as an inspiration for Queer Bipoc artists in the jazz-leaning industry.

Expanding on his latest inspirational and conceptual single, "Losing Focus," Simha released this emotional song hoping that his creative audience will begin steering away from self-deprecation.

"This song is for the artists that debase their own creations, but still wake up every day to keep creating...the irony is that the song itself as a whole is the product of the 'imposter syndrome vs. artist ego' struggle," states Simha.

Listening to "Losing Focus," we're met with a muffled kick and vibrant synths that open the song like a breath of fresh air. While the r&b keys and warm basslines begin to haunt up the background, a brilliant and soulful tabla arrangement (played by none other than Simha's mother) starts piercing the foreground while putting Simha's bright vocals in the spotlight.

Having Simha's mother feature on the single truly move mountains, as he never fails to pay homage to the generations and artistic influences that came before him. While the sonics continue their lush and soulful journey towards the outro, Simha and his magnificent melodies/harmonies keep us engaged while leaving anyone inspired to create the art they would like to hear.

Steer away from the dreaded imposter syndrome with help from Simha's latest inspirational single, "Losing Focus," and prepare your ears for his forthcoming EP surrounding the trials and tribulations of mental health.

Photo By: Tommy Marcus Photos

We appreciate the inspirational concept you've delivered within your recent single, "Losing Focus." At what moment did you feel compelled to create a song that touches on imposter syndrome and belittling one's artistic work?

Imposter syndrome and self-sabotage are something that many artists experience. It's a very strong feeling and is hard to break away from it. I wanted to capture that feeling but also have a sense of release. The choruses are more of an affirmation for me to just realize that my growth is my own and as long as I am focused on that, then nothing can get in the way of it.

What inspired you to pay homage to generations of music that came before you by featuring your mother on tabla within your recent single, "Losing Focus?"

I grew up with music in my household. It was important to my parents that both my brother and I had an understanding and appreciation for art at a very early age. Most of my roots to music originate from my mother and our heritage. As I was within the songwriting process for "Losing Focus" I realized that the biggest reason why I'm still making music and following this passion of mine is that I have the support from my roots. I wanted to showcase that in the song by having my mom play tabla.

Being that "Losing Focus" surrounds belittling one's work through fear of not being good enough, did you face any personal challenges when creating this ironic single?

This single took a whole year to finish. There were so many ups and downs in just being able to get the verses written. A lot of it was driven by self-sabotage. "What if no one likes the song?" "What if no one listens to it?" These were the questions that were running through my mind as I worked on this song, but truly I just needed to get these feelings out because I needed the weight of trying to impress myself to be lifted.

Seeing that your forthcoming EP will touch on your journey over the past few years and the trials of mental health, what do you hope your audience will take away after experiencing the entire project?

I really hope that people realize that there's growth in being able to be vulnerable with yourself. There's peace in being able to be alone. Seeking help can only make you stronger and know yourself better. I want people to realize that there are resources and spaces dedicated to helping and support each other. Community is a very powerful thing.

What's next for you?

I'm currently working on a new single called, "Gravity", which will be out in June. This will be contributing to my greater EP project which is centered around the main theme of mental health awareness for Queer BIPOC artists. My team and I are working on a merch line through which we will be donating 50% of all proceeds to an NGO that is geared towards creating mental health resources for queer Bipoc humans.

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