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Simmer in the Rays of, "SunDaZe"

DRWMCHL is a singer-songwriter and recording artist who has traveled all over the world as an entertainer.

From performing all over SoCal, and voyaging nationally and internationally as a symphonic guest artist, the Southern California-born and raised artist prides himself on his eclectic and soulful music tastes, from Anita Baker to Drake, to EDM DJ Zedd.

Leaping into the summertime anthem “SunDaZe,” DRWMCHL provides listeners with the ultimate blend of upbeat meets laid-back musical fusion. Tiptoeing on the spectrum of vivacious Pop melodies, there’s a dazzling likability factor that DRWMCHL conveys through the music he creates.

Bringing listeners a sense of ease, all while getting them to sway to the infectious grooves that douse the speakers, there’s no denying the way that DRWMCHL has you captivated as he touches down.

Recruiting the angelic croons of John Concepcion in order to take this track to elevated heights, the harmonious bliss that comes from hearing both DRWMCHL and John Concepcion on a track transports us to a blissful utopia of dreamscapes. What captures our attention in ways beyond the music, has to be the fact that DRWMCHL’s charismatic timbres pour an overbearing sense of good vibrations in the energy that he showcases.

“SunDaZe,” takes the simmering essence of a seasonal hit, and gives it the longevity to thrive for years to come; no matter what the weather is like outdoors. Indulge in the high octane allure of DRWMCHL today, as you turn up the volume and submerge yourself in “SunDaZe.”

A big congratulations on the release of “SunDaZe.” Was there a particular moment that inspired the overall concept and sounds that we hear on this track?

Yes, I thought after last summer not being the “vibe” we were looking for, that this summer needed a real “feel good” groove that would inspire people who wanted to make Summer 2021 a blast and wanted to get back to the outside world with their friends and family. I centered the song around “Sunday Funday,” which for my friends and I has always been the day we have the most fun. You can play the song on your way to brunch or at the beach!

You and John Concepcion work so wonderfully together. How did this collaboration come to be, and what was it like having him add to your vision?

John is an amazing talent. I’ve been a fan of his music and his writing for a long time and due to the pandemic, opportunities just opened up for us to actually have time to work together! He actually lives in Canada and I live in Los Angeles, so we did the collab from different countries! Just goes to show you his musicianship, penmanship, and recording skills. I plan to work with him more in the future for another one of my songs in the future! What would you like your audience to take away from the themes and messaging in “SunDaZe”?

Let loose and vibe and have fun! The song is meant to make people feel good and if they feel good… then they got the theme and message! With an impressive list of accolades that help to shape who you are as an artist and individual, what is your proudest moment throughout your career thus far?

I have had so many proud moments in my life. I am truly grateful and honored to be able to do what I do. I think that I am proud of myself for continuing to get to each level up I may have, just by being…me. Everyone may not like my music or may even like my sound, or even my personality, but peeps that know me, know that I work really hard and I go about things in the business the right way. Doing right by people. Never sacrificing my conscience or morale. Staying in service to the listener and my audience. Authenticity. I’m really proud of that. What's next for you?

To continue growing as a singer, as a songwriter, as a performer, as an artist. Whether that’s with a million people listening or zero, this journey is my journey and I’m grateful for whatever comes next on it! If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready!

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