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Simply Vika Inspires Effort With New Single “I’m Trying”

Simply Vika is a Russian – Israeli alternative artist who now resides and creates her music in LA. She is musically versatile and likes to include electronics, pop, hip hop, rap, and live instrumentation in her music. As a self-labeled cynical feminist, Simply Vika has many messages she wants to share with fans. She is a writer, singer, and rapper with the goal of bringing awareness to world issues and empower her fans to be better. Her new single “I’m Trying” initially lures you in with a single Spanish-style acoustic guitar. Simply Vika then joins the guitar with her silky vocals, creating a moment of stripped-down and authentic music. With both guitars and drums, she emphasizes live instrumentals throughout “I’m Trying.”

Simply Vika will have you joining in the chorus on your first listen; she repeats the word “trying” to a catchy melody. Most importantly, Simply Vika is the kind of artist who uses her platform to spread positivity and ideas of equality. She usually writes her music about social issues, world problems, female empowerment, and equal rights. “I’m Trying” isn’t about one problem specifically; it is a chance for Simply Vika to show her fans who she really is. She alternates between singing and rapping in her verses as she spreads her message of positivity. The lyrics are raw and honest as she explains that she is simply “trying” to be the best Vika she can be. “I’m Trying” is not only a catchy electronics pop song – it is an inspiration to fans to reach their full potential.

Be sure to listen to "I'm Trying" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Simply Vika! Your new single “I’m Trying” is inspirational! Can you tell us about the creative process of this song?

Thank you! I actually wrote I'm Trying in a very "freestyle" way. I didn't try to write a legit song, I just wanted to write my thoughts on a paper and when I started writing, it just happened. That's why I'm saying in the bridge "I don't know what I am writing for, I just share my thoughts, there is no hook or theme to stick to, my song doesn't have a plot". During the writing I realized it's actually a cool song and decided to make it a song, but I didn't want to fix anything. I didn't want to change the structure of any of the words I wrote. It's very different from all my other songs in this album because this song is very personal and reveals what's inside my head. 

What is the real message you are trying to send with your lyrics for “I’m Trying?”

The message of the song is that I want to make this world a better place. I want to do good, and I want people to do good. I want people to stop lying, hiding behind masks, and start thinking about each other, help, and be honest. I'm sharing my frustration and my hope at the same time, knowing that people can relate, and after they relate, they can hear me out and actually help me to make this change. 

You told us that you always write your songs about social issues, can you tell us more about why this is important to you?

The reason I decided to become an artist is because I want to make a change in our society. I had something personal happening to me, I rather not to share this story because I don't think it's time yet, but after that, I realized that it can happen to anyone of us, and I want to help prevent bad people from hurting others and I want to help people not to get hurt in the first place. Our world has a lot of issues, such as; discrimination, racism, sexism, and whatnot. And people are getting hurt all the time without any reason. I think this is unacceptable and something has to be done! So I decided to pass my message through music, but not only, but I also want to get involved in charities and foundations after this lockdown ends. 

You combine a variety of genres into your music from electronica to hip hop to alternative. Can you elaborate on your personal music style?

I like many different musical genres. I listen to rap, dubstep, pop, R&B, and some of the old school rock. The reason I combine different elements is because I fit the music to the lyrics. So depending on the words I'm writing, I and my producer (Blacklight) are finding the proper sounds. Another reason is that my producer is coming from the dubstep world (he goes by the name "Lightnix" as an artist), so he has a lot of impact on the sounds you hear in my songs and I think this combination is what makes it so cool! 

Thank you for talking with us, Vika! What can your fans anticipate next?

Well, my EP "stigma" is a 5 song EP, so I had "Stigma" released in March and "I'm trying" just now, so I still have 3 songs to go. In about two-three weeks I am releasing an official cover "Knocking on heavens door" + music video and on my birthday (July 4th) I am releasing my 3rd single "I stand behind it", that will be again, a combination of genres and I wrote it about how I see life, and about being different. 



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