Singer Songwriter Andi Cotten Debuts New Single “Tinted Blue”

Andi Cotten is a singer/songwriter hailing from Mississippi. Being the mother of only boys, her life has been filled with challenges rather than constant boredom. She’s able to incorporate the risk-taking attribute she’s equipped with, and fuse it into her music.

Her single “Tinted Blue” immediately begins with an atmospheric sensation placing you into a different ethereal than you are currently in. Her soft vocals supported by a strong vocal resonance floats beautifully on top of the subdued instrumental before the hook transitions in. A hollow and magical sound you can’t seem to resist! The tone of the song is delightful yet calmly passionate. “I wish you, you’re a diamond tinted blue” Andi sings.. Although this single can’t be exactly easily deciphered and interpreted by first hearing, if you hone in into the lyrics and the song-writing substance it holds, you will see how Andi was able to metaphorically write her song while attaining a sense of mystery behind her lyricism. However, I believe that’s the beauty behind it is the fun puzzling decoding of the song’s meaning and uncovering the many layers behind it!

Listen to "Tinted Blue" here and check out our exclusive interview with Andi Cotten below!

Hi Andi! Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Andi is short for Andrea. Some of my family called me Andi growing up. I am married with 3 boys and live in Mississippi. 2 of our boys are identical twins. So days are busy and life can get messy.

How was it growing up in Mississippi ? Did you grow up in a small town environment?

Yes, I am from a very small community. So far out that I rode the only school bus to a private school in town. I was the middle child of 3. An older sister and younger brother, and then a half brother when I was 10 years old. He was like a real life baby doll for me. My grandpa owned a general store that served as a gathering for the community. I worked there as a teen, and even met my husband there for the first time. I married, moved away, and returned to build a home and start a family. I am surrounded by land, trees, and family.

Since you’ve been surrounded by so much life including the birth of your sons, are you able to easily bring your songs to life and add a more outgoing characteristic to them?

I started writing songs after I became a mother. Life changed drastically in an instant. Mostly because I realized how much God loved me. Not only because I was given so much to love but that I was trusted with 2 babies at one time. I am constantly learning about myself while getting to know them. Everything we know is because we learned it from somebody or somewhere. The pressure to be an honest example has not always been easy. But just like the South has crazy seasons, so do I. I am so thankful for the seasons of change and new beginnings.

In your artist perception, how would you lyrically interpret “Tinted Blue” ?

This song has so much symbolism, but the idea came from an aquamarine birthstone. I was born on a Sunday morning in March. I wanted to tell my story without telling it all. It's important for others to see themselves in their mind and not me. The blue represents the flaws or scars we bear, but the diamond represents the value. Arise and shine is like and overcomer statement. To me it says, "get up and get over it!"

Can you tell us about the creation process of the song? What were some challenges you faced and overcame?

My story is about a child with divorced parents. My dad gave my mom a golden cross necklace when they were dating. She gave it to me and I wear it often. I have to tell where I came from to show where I am now. I found this part of songwriting a challenge. I wanted to be careful not to offend or hurt anyone I love. I also didn't want to come across as a victim or resentful. I want others to see triumph and forgiveness. When I became a parent, I couldn't stand the thought of my children not forgiving me. This song reminds me who I am. The scary part about life is that we are affected by others and we affect others.

How was the title "Tinted Blue" chosen?

A color that is Tinted Blue can be many shades to different people. Blue has always been my favorite color. Before I was born my great grandmother made a blue and white baby blanket. I slept with that thing entirely too long. During the recording of this song, the title took on a life of itself. I began to see how through the honesty of our flaws, we can more affectively serve and love others.

What has been the most challenging aspect so far of your music career?

Biggest challenge, by far, has been knowing where I belong. I can still feel like that little country girl on the only school bus riding into town. Finding my place and voice has taken years. The best advice I've received this year was that my music is not for everyone. My vision and audience has narrowed and it has grown. I'm no longer trying to please the whole world. Women's Ministry is where my heart longs to be heard. Most of my songs were written during or after a women's bible study. Us girls have to be reminded we are good enough.

What can we expect from Andi Cotton in 2019?

This next year is already shining bright. Tinted Blue the album is set for release on Feb. 7th, 2019. It contains 7 songs with titles like: Refined, Come to Life, and Standing Free. Just those words make me feel stronger. I hope to be relatable and that others feel understood because of the words. New producer Casey Combest at Blue Sky Studios in Jackson has stretched me into this next phase.

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