Singer-Songwriter, Emily Cole Brings Us an Energized, Sound in Her New Song, “Ain’t My Vibe"

As an artist of many talents, Emily Cole brings an acoustic element to her live shows and has the ability to perform solo, as a duo, or with a full band. Playing the guitar, ukulele, and keyboards, this young up and coming artist has been busy writing and recording her upcoming EP. Today we share with you, the single off this project titled “Ain’t My Vibe”.

Featuring a punchy kick drum, bright handclaps, and soft synthesizers, “Ain’t My Vibe” mixes elements from genres including disco, hip hop, and alternative pop to create something that stands out from the crowd. We loved how every second of this song made us want to get up and dance.

If you’re looking for a feel-good, pop song to throw on your next summer playlist, Emily Cole’s “Ain’t My Vibe” is what you’ve been looking for. Lyrics like “don’t you got something better to do than try to make me fall for you?” made us fall in love with Emily’s songwriting. After listening to “Ain’t My Vibe” we’re anxiously waiting for anything else Emily Cole releases.

Check out “Ain’t My Vibe” here.

Hello Emily Cole! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell us what first sparked your interest in music growing up? Who influenced you to learn so many instruments? Hey guys! So excited to be here. Growing up, we always had music playing no matter what we were doing. My mom’s side of the family is cajun, so they’re all obsessed with music! I’ve always been singing, dancing (even though I’m too much of meme to dance nowadays), writing - basically anything creative. For a while, I listened to country music because that’s what my mom would listen to in the car. Then, I discovered Hannah Montana and instantly became obsessed to the point of going to see the movie premiere for my 8th birthday, refusing to take off my blonde wig (bangs and all) until Miley took her's off in the movie. As soon as I heard Miley's music, I knew I wanted to be a pop singer. I guess you could say I evolved alongside Miley, Selena Gomez, and basically most of the childhood Disney stars that have become singers (plus Taylor Swift). As far as instruments go, I’ve taught myself everything I play. I used to come home from elementary school, sit down at our family piano (which we still have) and play songs by ear that I had heard my teacher play in music class. My parents excitedly decided to sign me up for piano lessons but 7-year-old me got annoyed pretty fast when I couldn’t play what I wanted to play and, instead, was stuck playing hot cross buns alongside chopsticks for a solid 2 weeks straight. So I moved on to playing volleyball for the next 5 years. But, when I was 12, I went to a friend’s 13th birthday party. There was a girl there talking about this camp she went to call Real Life Real Music Songwriters Experience. While at the camp, she wrote her own song and even got to record it! Of course, I was #shook! I got all of the info I could about the camp and signed up. After the week I attended, RLRM started up a pilot program. They would help mentor kids through their music journey. They asked if I wanted to be part of it. Obviously, I said yes without hesitation. Then, I realized that all the other girls in the program played the guitar - which then led me to buy a $20 plastic, purple guitar off of eBay. I even put rainbow strings on it and a lime green One Direction sticker smack dab in the middle (My obsession with 1D was far beyond my control. It was a problem. Someone should’ve slapped me). After making these impulse decisions, I realized that everyone else had either Taylor guitars or Martin guitars, which plugged in ….. so, after talking to my parents about it, we got me a plugin Yamaha - my first real guitar! Don’t get me wrong, I loved that purple guitar more than I loved the pizza at the time, but it was time for me to become one of the cool kids. This is the longest answer to a question I’ve ever written, so to wrap this essay of an answer up, I used YouTube to teach me everything I know on the guitar, and I then moved on to teach myself Ukulele after a few years - which was surprisingly easy, it’s basically just the bottom four strings on a guitar! I’m still learning and growing every day. I can play keyboard and have done so at some of my gigs, but some of the venues I play have small areas to set up in, so it’s easier sometimes to just bring my guitar and ukulele. We loved your summer, feel-good, pop song, “Ain’t My Vibe”! What was the inspiration behind this song? What was it like bringing this to life in the studio? Ain’t My Vibe is probably my favorite song I’ve ever written! I say that about almost every new song I release, but this one definitely takes the cake. I was half asleep one night and, as I started to fall asleep, I heard the chorus playing in my head - as any normal person would - so I got up and wrote the song in one sitting! This is one of the first songs I ever wrote without having to play the guitar for inspiration, which I was really excited about because it helped it become more of an upbeat pop song (something I’ve always wanted to have). This song is basically just about how all of these dudes just view women as objects and think it’s ok to use girls for their own personal benefit, which is annoying as heck. It’s happened to a lot of my friends, as well as myself. We’re all so tired of it - it’s exhausting - so I decided to write a song about how we don’t wanna waste our time being with someone who doesn’t even want to get to know us as a person. “Don’t you got something better to do than try to make me fall for you” like, listen, dude, we’re not interested in playing your little games, you know? “Ain’t My Vibe” has us anxiously waiting for the EP! Would you say this single is a good representation of what we can expect on the project? Or, how does this single differ from the other songs included on the EP? I’d definitely say that this has a totally different vibe (lol see what I did there) from the EP I’m currently working up to! Ain’t My Vibe is the most bright, upbeat, happy-sounding song I’ve ever recorded or released, so I thought it’d be a perfect summer single. I’ve always been more into the dark alt. pop category like the Billie Eilish/Halsey/Kim Petras kind of style, and I think it’d be really dope to have an EP come out on Halloween - aka my favorite holiday of all time (I have a Christmas tree decorated with Halloween decor up in my room year-round). Who do you draw influence from when it comes to your songwriting? Do you have a process when it comes to crafting lyrics and melodies or is this unique to the song you’re writing? When it comes to writing, I started out heavily influenced by Taylor Swift, as any 12-year-old girl just starting writing music would be. As I grew in my craft, I discovered people like Bea Miller who really helped me jump into the alternative writing style. Now, I’m extremely influenced by Billie Eilish - who’s basically the Kurt Cobain of the 21st century. Usually, when I’m writing, I sit with my guitar (or ukulele) and do lyrics, melody, and chords at the same time. Sometimes I try writing to tracks either off of YouTube or one that my brother makes in his spare time, but I’m still working on being able to do that effectively. I’ve also gotten into producing my own music lately, so who knows - maybe I’ll have a song I produced myself on the EP! What can we expect to see next from you? I’m currently slowly getting back into gigging out at places again (Corona put tons of stuff on halt). Texas has pretty much opened up but, for now, I’m only playing a couple of local places that have patios. I’ve also been doing some live streams on Facebook or Instagram. You can find my schedule on my website,, as well as news about my new releases and projects!